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Helloooo June!

Unbelievable that June is here and Nik is now 3 months old ..hurray!! 🙂 Feels like a lifetime and though I seem to have done nothing but complained, I would not return him to the hospital…(as I once threatened Big Al in the middle of the night when Nik was still freshly new!)This motherhood thing grows on you. Yesterday I managed to get an afternoon nap, what a difference a nap makes.. Anyway, I am enoying the little man as he grows and he has started laughing which is so beautiful to hear!

Enough about babies and motherhood

I have been wanting to blog about a certain topic but words fail me. I have done two drafts and deleted them because they sounded like gibberish, yet I would really like to hear what people think and the African perspective of it. Guess I will have to wait until my muse gets herself in order and generates a sensible post.

Other than that, I am busy doing the usual and oh almost forgot, I joined a “new mothers group”. This is how it works. The community nurse basically hooks up the mums who have babies around the same age. Then once a week we meet at each others house for tea and conversation. It has saved my sanity.

I told you I live in/close to the Ghetto or otherwise known as the poorest side of town. The nurses realised that I was not Somali and said they would not hook me up with them reason being they speka no english , so they hooked me up with Danish women. Majority black and minority people here are Somalis then Turks. (Turks are the largest minority group in Denmark )

Anyway, this thursday is my turn to host and I have been a nervous wreck. Why? Very simply put, I want to impress the ladies. Why? Because

1. The reputation of black people in Denmark is horrible horrible and I feel like since I am the only black person they know and probably will ever visit, I have to REPRESENT! Show that minorities may have a bad reputation but we are clean, decent folks etc etc. It is stupid to feel like this, but I do!

2. I have been to all the houses and for the first time I am intimidated to show my house. Danes live very very well. Its as if there is a national decoration style and everyone subscribes to it. Minimalist. Its lovely and I love it. However my house takes minimalism to another level better know as “lack of furniture pretending to be minimalist”. The strangest thing is that I have no problem having my other friends or Big Al’s relatives visit me but with the mother’s group..aieh…

I will report back on Friday or thereabouts about how I THINK it went.

Happy June everyone~!, its the middle of the year!


Comments on: "Helloooo June!" (3)

  1. mwariwadavid said:

    Glad you are enjoying the group …am sure it feels good to hear that they too are going through similar staff as you as you are, and in some instances that you handling yours much better.

    About being intimidated to show your house, try and go easy on yourself, otherwise it might stress you, then make you dread the gathering which am sure you want to enjoy!

    Up until now, I have no stools in my house, just a coffee table, and if i make tea/coffee for my guests, they have to hold their cups unless they are seated closest to the coffee table. Used to bother me, until i began making light of it…

    And why we don’t have stools is because we have not found any that we (I) like.

  2. I hear you about Danish minimalist style. I used to think it should be the cheapest style of furnishing – turns out that those “empty spaces” are quite expensive. I think it has to do with the vast amounts of expensive stainless-steal, invisible wires, lighting, and sparse but very pricey furniture. Don’t worry about your space though. Just show them true African hospitality and you’ll win them over.

  3. Princess said:

    Hope it went well!!!

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