A few things about me

More Money!

I want money, I want lots of it! So much that I could literally sit on it! 🙂 that’s how much of it that I want and anything less than that will never be enough!

That being said, I will also be the first to acknowledge that I have a very unhealthy relationship with money. First thing is that I want it. When I get it, I want to hoard it so that now and again I can open my books and salivate about how much money I have… bad bad bad! I know.

The reason I want it is so simple. Money = Security. Kapish?!.

Eons ago I used to think that a house meant security. Owning my own house was my security. By owning I mean owning it outright, no mortgage or what have you. My dream was to be accquired the Ugandan way. First work, then buy the plot, then start building. It may take 5 years to complete the house but that’s ok because every brick would be owned by me and no bank. Life happened and I let that dream go. Owning a house is no longer mission number one in my life. I would still like to own one, but that fire no longer burns nor are the coals amber. Its more like hot ash situation.

All I want now is money, more money, lots of money. I want to work for it, but I do not mind winning the lottery. Not sure I want to be given it. I want it no strings attached.

Comments on: "More Money!" (6)

  1. Good Luck, there are many more who want money and lots of it.

    I think though I will be ok if I just get enough to take care of my family – I don’t need too much money

    lottery wouldn’t be bad either….

  2. Mama im right there with you….I need alot of money just for having it…if you get it first lemme know how…ok lol

  3. so what are you going to do with all this money?

  4. mwariwadavid said:

    It is nice not to have to worry about money. But I think I am more like 3n- just enough will do for me. I suppose the probem is how to define ‘enough’ since there is always one more thing we just wish we had!

  5. Mama Kirimi said:

    How was the visit with the other mothers?

  6. Majonzi: woi! I will let you imagine!

    Mama Kirimi: The visit went very very well. I was very relaxed by the time Thursday rolled in. Big Al made good on his promise by delivering and assembling the new dining table , chairs and coffee table 2 days before. I was therefore able to host them well. I was pleased with the way it went. Did the whole bake the frozen buns thing etc.

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