A few things about me


Lack of it will lead to

  • Extreme bitchiness
  • Significant memory loss
  • Impaired libido 🙂
  • Irrationality
  • Diminished thought processing
  • Forgetfulness
  • Obsession with sleep
  • Increased impatience

We have been sleeping for only 2hours at a time, hence the above. And below is the bandit responsible.

my bandit

Finally figured out how to suck his thumb

clever me


Comments on: "Sleep" (14)

  1. hakeembig said:

    The guy looks too good to be a bandit.
    Am sure after all the lack of sleep its worth it when he will finally utter mama yeah?

  2. Your baby’s looking so sweet!

  3. Good job mama..that is one healthy, content..not to mention so so adorable child. About sleep, you know I totally understand what you mean..I haven’t got to the bitchy part yet, however I have oatmeal for brains…forgetting important things is the order of my day… You told me things would get better..right back atcha mama..:)

  4. Cute! I think he is worth loosing sleep over!

  5. mwariwadavid said:

    Looks like his cells are multiplying at a marathon speed…, hence his (and therefore your) interrupted sleep (mwari’s invented science-not proven).

    Pole for the symptoms, they will come to pass- cliche`but it’s true…

    You’re doing a good job so continue doing what you’re doing! And yes, he’s adorable!

  6. Thanks to All.

    .. thing is before he was sleeping as follows.
    Down for the night at 7.00pm Awake at 11.30pm.. to eat then asleep till 3.00am eats then awake at 4.30am then again at 5.30am then finally awake at 7.30am. So basically I was awaking 4 times in the night which was manageable. Now it’s like a nightmare.
    Last night he went to bed at 7.40pm, woke up at 8.30pm ate. Asleep at about 8.45pm, awake at 11.30pm, asleep at 11.54pm and awake at 1.04am and after that he was awake every hour.

    I am trying to cut back two of the wakings. So when he wakes I pat him back to sleep. It worked last night. I am hoping it will work and he will stop waking up then.

    A friend was here the day before yesterday with her 4.5month old baby. The little girl will sleep through bombs and stuff. Nik was screaming his head off and little girl just slept. My friend was like “you are a strong woman, I would have killed myself by now”. I was so jealous. My friend is all fresh and has energy, usually prancing around in town with baby in tow. Nik, Big Al and I went to town for the first time 2 weeks ago! Prior to that I had confined my mangamanga-ring to the mall in the neighborhood due to his unpredictability.

    Part of my rapid weight loss is attributed to the dancing I have to do to get him to sleep. I read a book called “The No-Cry Sleep Solution” by Elizabeth Pantely. She recommends logging the baby’s sleeping pattern and seeing what is going wrong. So I have been doing that. Jury is still out on whether the book is hogwosh or actually means something.

    Poleni, did not mean to rant

  7. mwariwadavid said:

    My first borne was just like Nik and strange thing she increased in size so fast, even though she fed mostly on oxygen=very poor feeder! On the other hand, her siblings were angels, I was the most ‘calm and collected’ mother!

    Babies are all very different, so there’s nothing wrong with how you are doing things, and it doesn’t mean your buddy is doing something specifically right, she’s just lucky in that regard.

    Although I read somewhere that most new mothers suffer alot of anxiety, and the babies pick this up, hence the fussing….I plead guilty here, i was nervous about everything then.

    I refer to that first experience as my initiation into motherhood.

  8. Mama Kirimi said:

    I know how you feel…been there, especially after my son was sleeping for long hours at night, then he started waking up too often. Anyway, just wondering, do you take any caffeine? I have been guilty,taking caffeine just to keep me awake. This was what was making my son sleep less. I have stopped all caffeine, and guess what? He is sleeping more.

  9. I love that statement “..below is the bandit responsible” i must add, WHAT AN ADORABLE BANDIT HE IS!!!I have to agree with kirima, he’s worth loosing sleep over!You are doing a great job, jipe moyo, its only for now and before you know it, he’ll be bringing ur future daughter-in-law to meet you!

  10. Also wanted to add that the second photo is mzuri. Seems like your ‘bandit’ was going to start sucking his thumb then realized someone was going to take a photo of him so he paused to pose for the camera!Great, just great!

  11. Mwari- it truly is an initiation into motherhood!

    Mama Kirimi- I drink tea and for a while in the first two months had stopped drinking it, but it made no difference. Don’t like coffee so don’t touch the stuff. But I will look into the whole tea thing.

    Anne- ati future daughter in law.. that feels like eons and eons away. They do say time flies. He was nicknamed bandit by the nurse at hospital cause one night while still there he was screaming his head off 🙂 and the name stuck!

  12. Princess said:

    He is growing up so fast right before our eyes…too adorable for words.

  13. Cutest bandit I ever laid my eyes on!

    And, ahem, if you ever get tired of him, just bundle him up, load him onto a plane and send him over.

    The question is, would I give him back?

  14. That is one lovely bandit right there. LOL.

    He does not look like he could hurt anything leave alone his lovely mommy.

    All the best with him even the sleep will come someday.

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