A few things about me

Mid year Pledge

I pledge:

  • I will no longer leave the house looking like the cliche frumpy, rumpled housewife.
  • I will get rid of all my old clothes by 20th August 2007
  • I will replace these clothes slowly as our finances allow and I will do it with taste and class.
  • I will no longer leave the house with 4 day old matutas (boxbraids) on my head pointing in every direction but south!
  • I will no longer buy cheap shoes and will get rid of all my shoes that I have not worn in over 2 years by 30th August 2007.
  • I will stop harping on about the same issue and being bitchy about it… ( I was really mean last night and I feel ugh… but I will not apologise because it is true.. though I could have been kinder about it… me thinks!)
  • I will think only positive stuff for the next seven days.

Now lets go out and do this!!!

Comments on: "Mid year Pledge" (4)

  1. mwariwadavid said:

    I like your new fresh blog look. I suppose it matches what you’ve pledged to become.

    All the best!

  2. I hope you putting in to works the pledges. Lovely look.

  3. Hope the pledge is going well, you are halfway there.

  4. Hi,

    I am failing miserably on number 4: leaving the house with matutas…. thing is I have “ngumu” natural hair and it breaks alot every time I comb it.. so the idea of taking down the matutas every time I leave the house.. aii!

    I am thinking of a wig.. I tried the scarf thing and truth is…some people can rock them without looking like a maid.. I am so not one of those!

    So you can imagine how frustrated I am at this point. I am seriously considering dreading and coloring it.

    The rest are coming along nicely. Cleared the cupboard of clothes, though I do find it a tad hard to wear my “good” clothes when I am just stay in doors but I am getting there.

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