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Here we go again about sleep. Nik is now 5 months old and  for me, sleep is still a mirage in the horizon. I love my son. He owns my heart. I KNOW that I would kill anyone who harms him bila regrets or thought. That being said he is the worst sleeper in the world.

This is what my night last night looked like.

6.30pm: Finished bath, dressed, fed, burped then carried in baby carrier and rocked to sleep

7.20: Finally asleep on me.. transfered him to crib

7.22pm: Awake (I was just teasing you mummy) breastfed, fell asleep at boob.

7.40pm: Successfully transfered to crib.

8.30pm: Mummy goes to bed… previous night was rough.

9.15pm: Mummy out of bed.. insomnia plagues.

9.30pm: Baby cries out, awake, try to pat him back to bed, whimper begins to escalate to cry, so breast feed

9.45pm: Baby back in crib. Mommy in bed

11.00pm: Baby up, fussy, move him to my bed, try to pat to him back to sleep. Fussy, squirming, whimpering finally falls asleep.

01.00am: Baby cries out, breast feeds, falls asleep without burp…not good.. put him down to sleep.

01.15am:fussy baby, needs to burp, whimpering, crying out, pick him up, I sit up, try to burp him, falls asleep on me..lay him next to me, finally loud burp, baby settles.

02.30am : Baby up again, fussy, hot, very hot, take him in my arms, me propped up against pillow he falls alseep.

03.15am: Baby up again, crying , breastfeeds alot, burps..lay him next to me

05:.00am: baby up, fussy, shuffling, breastfeeds a lot, burps

06.00am: Baby up for the day.

Usually he wakes up at 7.30am in the morning. Well 4 out of 7 days he does.  During the day he has been getting a max of 3hours sleep during the day. I know that is not enough but he will not go down whatever I do.

Looking back, I will gladly trade this with the waking every 3 to 2 hours. I feed him before his bath. He loves his food. He is now on solids once a day. Past week I have been napping with him in the afternoon. Those naps are no longer than 1.5hrs. I am not complaining.

The scariest thing is that ati.. some kids go on like this even up to 15months. I am freaked out. I have read a few books about baby sleep and apart from letting him cry it out (which I am not for) there is really no real solution. We have a good routine going every evening. So have no idea. I have even cut out milk…. apparently it causes problems. I cut out tea for 3 weeks and there was no difference.

At 5 months  one word describes me : Exhausted.

Comments on: "Monster Baby, Monster Mom" (3)

  1. It will pass and you will forget.

    I now see my little girl sleeping from 8 pm to 8 am each night and the nights I used to sit up half the night seems like a distant memory

    It is that hope that keeps me going through the night and early morning when I am feeling like I have been run over by 3 trucks.

  2. Wow.. Hey fellow new mom..and I thought my night last nigt was bad.. she was up from 2:45a-5:30a. Some nights I just tie her on my back with a kikoi and she falls asleep..atleast I think so until I put her down..and she’s up , bright-eyed and squealing like we’re playing a fun game..lol
    She’s sucking her thumb now so when I put her down, she’ll cry for a little bit, then soothe herself..she may not sleep, but atleast she won’t scream. I just keep trying to tell myself that this is temporary..it helps some days, other days I just want to put her in a moses-basket and send her down the river …and then she smiles..

    Ah.. the smiles! he may be acting like monster baby then he will smile and I will get over it. I went to the health officers office today afternoon. It is about 10 min walk from my digs and she gave me a few tips which I want to try out. She thinks it is soon time to up his solids to twice a day and to give him formula on his first waking….. so let’s see if that works.

  3. As a man, I can’t say I’ve ever experienced this but I can say the in the overall scheme of things you will start enjoying motherhood in a few months. As your child grows so will your joys abound.

    The first months are usually the hardest, until they grow up to be teenagers. So I am told.

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