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3 people I dearly love were on my mind today and the common factor between them is the fact that they are friendless. I know they are lonely and that is not something they will admit to me or anyone else… who ever admits they are lonely. So I got to thinking, how do people reach middle age and are friendless?

As cliche as that saying is, “people in one’s life for a season, a reason, …..” I find it hard to believe that one can reach a point where they have no friends.

Here in Denmark, I have made two good friends and a few accquaintances. By the time I left the UK, I believe I had made a dear friend for life. I had “work friends”, “train friends” “bump into in town friends” etc and my dear friend Nils.(if you read this, I love you girl!). I moved to UG when I was 13/14 years old without a friend to my name and by the time I left high school, I had many “tu friends” and one dear friend whom I am still intouch with today, though we are continents apart. Then came University and I made 2 dear friends… lost one to reasons I am yet to find out.. and still friends with the other…

In my short life I have learned that friendship is cultivated. You have to work on it and you accept your friends warts and all… same way they accept you. To go through this life without someone to laugh with, share with, invite to your birthday parties etc is really sad. Life here in Denmark is strange, people complain of loneliness, friendlessness etc yet are not willing to cultivate the time it takes to make them. The people you knew in high school or Uni are your friends for life…. how boring and shortsighted!!

Anyway…. c’est la vie…no?!

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  1. When you push people away since you are scared of getting hurt sometimes its unintentional and by the time you realize its too late. Everyone deserves at least one friend true or not.

    ain’t that the truth!

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