A few things about me

There are so many things that I experienced during my pregnancy that no one had told me about and there I was thinking that I knew just about everything there was to know. There are many things women do not disclose to each other about pregnancy and in keeping with that tradition I will not say much….

There is also A LOT that happens to a relationship after baby comes in and again, no one really talks about it and the couple finds themselves bumbling through this very interesting sometimes emotionally charged moment. I will try not to buck the tradition of non disclosure but I will say this: New baby takes the relationship to new heights and levels. I strongly believe that if a couple is not committed the cracks in the relationship begin to become real wounds and stuff.

Much as we were prepared and had talked about how “our life is going to change when baby comes” I don’t think we were truly prepared. Both of us have been treading the muddy waters and during this time it has been a little too easy for me to focus on the negative little and big stuff and ….you know the drift. So I am shifting the focus and here is my incomplete list of the things about him that I love.

And NO I am not going to balance it out and list the things about him that drive me nuts…nope.. I have always maintained that I never discuss my ish about him with anyone but him… that is for me to know and for you to speculate! hehehehe


  • Happily eats whatever I put on the dinner table no matter how bland or shocking and always always thanks me for the meal.
  • When he cooks (it may be burnt or raw) he always presents the food in a very professional manner like we are at some top notch restaurant. I always marvel at this. On food presentation he gets 10 out of 10.
  • Not stingy with money which he earns and I spend. Never once has complained about me not working and I have free reign of the money. Has no issue with my money being mine and his money being ours! :-).
  • Is very very happy to be daddy and loves our baby very very much.
  • Buys me THOUGHTFUL gifts. Last x-mas he got me something and I cried in front of his whole family. Still brings tears to my eyes.
  • Works hard to provide for us.
  • Believes in us as a couple and family and is dedicated to us.
  • Always always willing to listen to me when I say “I think we need to talk” even though sometimes my gripes may be coming outta my ass… he will always listen… what he says next… well….. that’s another story.
  • Is kind to a fault. Always willing to give, give give. Unlike me who is stingy.
  • Loves me and tells me I am BEAUTIFUL even when I am feeling FUGLY as hell. He says it and I believe it.
  • I have always had some form of mild insomnia. Before baby Nikh, when unable to sleep, I would ask him to tell me about algorithms and programming platforms blah blah. Worked like a charm I would be asleep in minutes while he would then be wide awake because he would be pumped up for more programming or whatever it is he does  🙂
  • He makes me feel safe and feminine.
  • Always willing to help and always asks me if there is anything he can do to help. Now I have to admit it drives me crazy on days when I am feeling umph! I will be thinking “hello….Look around you…. ala…” however I choose to see it as his willingness to help and be useful around the house and for that I am grateful.
  • He was the first person to “bring out” the softer side of me. I guess it has to do with him making me feel safe. I am such a softie since I met him.. ..
  • Always tells me he loves me; before ,during or after a “cold war” (thanks to Mwari for that expression) when those very words are unable to rise past my throat leave alone leave my mouth.
  • Is willing to watch a “chick flick” with me.. or sit besides me with his lap top while I watch and tries not to laugh too hard when I get all mushy and gooey at the love story.

There is more……

mingi love babes!

Comments on: "A few things I love about Big Al" (5)

  1. Now thats the epitome of a good relationship.. Keep working at it. Gives us hope

    That’s the challenge.. to keep working at it… that cliche about relationships is so true.. but oh so boring to hear when it is being said!

  2. First time here. got me thinking about counting our blessings. Off to catch up

    Karibu… now let me go visit your digz.

  3. Lovely list! Keep appreciating him 🙂 and he you!

  4. mwariwadavid said:

    Hi Mrembo, first of all, I am all smiles, after reading your post…

    What to say, a baby changes the relationship but if true love exists, it gets better—-ofcourse it goes through some tough testing.
    One thing that I will always love my Denzel for, is his belief in our marriage. Right from the start, he said it is for keeps, there is no turning back. With such a solid stand, it made me want to work things out, for the better. I love him lots- never mind the cold wars!

  5. First time here…nice place. Lemmi update..

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