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God’s Warrior- Not!

So far I have watched God’s Muslim Warriors and God’s Christian Warriors, hoping to catch God’s Jewish Warriors.

Once again Christiane Amanpour delivers a fantastic piece of documentary that has generated much food for thought for me. (my juvenile obsession with her has been rejuvenated. Did you know she is half Iranian half British and can speak Persian and French fluently)

This post will be rather all over the place because I am not patient enough to sort out my thoughts and do a cohesive piece.

I am not God’s Warrior. Fundamentalism of any kind has always led to the subjugation of women and being a woman, I would like to protect myself from those who will at one point try to stump me under their feet in the name of God.

I want my son to go to a school that teaches the 10 commandments, sings hymns at assembly and teaches both creation and evolution. (Denmark, like US, has removed God from the public schools). I want him to have some kind of faith and then later on he can decide for himself… like I have and still am.

I have been plagued by Islamophobia since the 911 bombings and the British bombings and the Mohammed cartoon saga. I keep thinking, kwani.. what is wrong with “these people” can’t they just take it easy.. why all the violence.

At the same time, the hijab(headscarf worn by Muslim women) and the long clothes appeal to me for the simple reason that I am lazy about dressing and grooming my hair. I kind like the idea of few people ever seeing the “whole” of you. This may have something to do with my bouts of insecurity about how I look that sometimes plague me……like this week…. been feeling very fugly (fugly =f…cking ugly. Though that new outfit that cost £14 looks good and displays my legs magnificently)

I used to watch John Hagee till early this year when started weaning myself off him… after watching God’s Christian Warriors I know I had made the right decision… dude is kidogo nuts!

Ugandan journalism is the worst of it’s kind. I read the New Vision and Monitor Newspapers and dismayed the the blatantly false information supplied by the writers of some of the articles. What puzzles me even more is that both papers have access to the net and a lot of CORRECT, FACTUAL information can be sourced from the net, yet they publish stuff that just makes you wonder.. Mr EDITOR what the heck are you doing?? do the words, VERIFY and FACTS cross your mind when you approve an article for print.

Big Al was busy hobnobbing with some posh people yesterday and told me that one of his colleague’s sister works for CNN. I am always griping about CNN’s “Inside Africa”. Why the heck are they always (80%) of the time reporting stories from South Africa, eh..? Anyway, the colleague said her sister is the producer of Inside Africa and the reason that the stories are SA biased is because 1) they have a small budget so they cannot be flying all over the continent to report stories. 2) CNN Africa HQ is in SA. 3) The quality of the stories they get are poor.

So being the enterprising person I am (still waiting for the evidence of my enterprise).. I thought, “si people start making good documentaries and selling them to CNN etc etc.. a factual piece of journalism from African perspective for the global audience. All you need is a camera man, light man and an ambitious budding journalist).

God and I are on some kind of standoff. Read this which clearly explains PART of what I am feeling.

Comments on: "God’s Warrior- Not!" (3)

  1. Just saw a piece on a Jo’burg Harley Davidson Club on CNNI. It does seem like 80% sometimes. But I could believe the whole short budget thing.

  2. Just come from KP’s blog and wanted to share a tip I picked up from paed’s doctor. When it comes to trimming your baby’s nails, dont use a nail cutter. Slather them with vaseline then gently file them down.

    Additionally, have you considered other alternatives to milk? there has been alot of research on the suitability of cows milk for babies and indeed humans. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you some links.

    Stay well!

  3. God and religion are important when growing up it at least gives foundation. Am at a point where am trying to make up with God but feels like for every 4 steps forward i take there are 10 back still got to keep at it. Just give both of you time you will be alright.

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