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Jantelov in Action

Jantelov is a danish mentality / attitude that permeates Scandinavia . Most Danes will vehemently deny subscribing to it, but today I saw it in action and I am still reeling in amazement.

Some may say it is simply cultural difference. To me there are only two explanations, Jantelov, jealousy or plain mean-ness… ok that was three.

So today was mothergroup and there we were, all six of us with our six babies, chit chatting away. And yes, I do understand almost 70% of what is said.. the other 30% will follow when I master the language. Not bad for 1year 5months.

So Mama Mg says ati she will be going away for a 14day job gig and everyone was like ok.. whatever. Later I ask her if the job is to do with her usual gig and she is like “nope, I will be hosting a show and it is being recorded in Sweden”. So there I am all excited, giddy and I am like “oh really, what show, what will you be doing… this is so cool.. you will be on TV… when, what channel”.. basically excited like it’s me going to be on TV. She was all smiles and shy but responded. In the midst of it all I am noticing the other Mamas are like “whatever” pretending not to listen like it’s no big deal. Yet it is a big deal. She will be presenting on a major TV talent show .. something like Pop Idol and everyone is pretending like it’s nothing.

I was really happy for her. Only one other Mama asked some question which had no relevance thereafter the subject was dropped like a hot potatoe. I was like “what the f*ck”. On my way home I was thinking of the whole thing when it hit me -Jantelov. My only thought was “no shit”!!

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  1. Haiya I guess the prevailing mentality of most Kenyans/ Africans would be Anti-Jantelov.

  2. Sad, i thought that friend should be happy for you and cheer you on. I pray that am never that kind of a friend or even friends like those.

  3. wow. reading about jantelov was…interesting. you’d think they’d be happy for her. wow. your blog is very serene. i like it! and no, no one has ever told me i look like kelly rowland…lol.

    how does it feel to be living in europe? that’s gotta be interesting.

  4. haiiyaa your brog looks just like my brog..

  5. Gish & Prou: It is a very strange thing. I had heard about it but was yet to see it. Very strange.

    Another strange this is the fact that Danes do not know how to deal wiith compliments apparently they generally do not compliment each other.

    So I have been caught in situations saying things like “your outfit is really nice” and getting silence in return… only for Big Al to nudge me and say.. “stop it.. they don’t know what to say in return”

    kip: I did stop by your “digz”

    Muze: Stop by again.

  6. Muze: To answer your question… wow.. guess you would have to go through my archives. All I can say it is like “woa ha”

  7. LanceinMadison said:

    It crossed the ocean too. I can see my mom among those interlocutors.

  8. hehe true danes are bound by “jantelov” in so many ways its not even funny, well its a little funny, but it also stops them from ever doing anything, what will people thing if they have sucess? what if people think they are stupid, its really sad.

    true true, to one degree or another we all suffer from it… had to read the post again to see what I had written 🙂

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