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Fashion Pics

Since I am on the roll with the pictures here we go….. so much for having lost blog mojo. Baby is still sleeping (in his bed now.. so gotta hurry)


The above outfit is banging! love the handbag too. Though I would never know how to put it together if it was left to me.

Below, I love the simplicity of the outfit. Love love the blouse.


Another leggings picture below


I got the leggings pictures from this website. It basically means Streetfashion=gade mode. That is the fashion in Denmark at the moment

I am trying to find fashion pictures of Everyday black men and women and it is proving rather difficult given my time constraints. I found this instead. Enjoy.

Comments on: "Fashion Pics" (5)

  1. I like the the outfit on the first chille (first pic) tho’ I don’t really feel the bag. Unfortunately, curvy gals (small waist, big hips) can’t pull off those boy shorts – or rather I have never found a pair that looked right on moi.

    I guess its about hunting and more hunting for the right cut blah blah… for which I have no patience.

  2. Interesting blog.

  3. I’m loving the latifah top…

    I love her sense of style. Given that she is bigger than average, I love love the way she dress both off the red carpet and on the red carpet. To see more pics of her and those of “A” list celebs go to http://www.gettyimages.com

  4. Good stuff. Now, I like leggings too, but there’s a way my legs are ‘tricky’ lol. Anyway I settled for skinny jeans instead and they took me by surprise too, given that I had also vowed ‘never’ to own one. They are great worn with heels and a tight long top, and maybe a glittering scarf or something creative.

    Skinny jeans have come and will go without me ever having tried them on. Have not even contemplated them.I think it also has to do with an age thing.. ..suitable for those under 30 🙂 or for a certain body type. I know what you mean about the heels and long tight top..

  5. Lool, am back. I have to preach the skinny jeans gospel. Look at it this way, it’s like thicker leggings…no? mwehehee. Ok try them with boots, like here http://www.styledash.com/2006/09/19/skinny-jeans-if-you-have-unskinny-genes/
    or just heels http://www.fashionologie.com/fashionologie/2005/09/itsy_bitsy_teen.html .Anyway, it takes time, I only started liking them (skinnies) and mahussiiiive (really big) 😀 hanndbags the other day

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