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As the saying goes: I have lost blog mojo. That being said, I have a few random thoughts that are begging to be let out so here goes;

Baby will be seven months old on Sunday. Photos to come. Right now he is asleep on me in the baby carrier. He’s had a few rough days. Been to doc twice and baby has been given a clean bill of health.. whatever he is going through has been hard on him. My poor baby has been screaming, whiny and just wants to be close to Mama. Poor baby. The fact that he is sleeping should mean that he is on his way to feeling better- yippe. He has 4 teeth. Is trying to crawl. Sits up on his own kabisa and is on a food strike at the moment. Only boobies will do.

The other day I was reading something on Oprah’s website. It was the recap on a show about sex . One of the panelist was saying ati sex after 50 is still hot… (we are yet to see 🙂 Then she continued to say that she has a FWB =friend with benefits and they have a good understanding and respect for each other blah blah. I found myself wondering exactly how this FWBs works. My wondering went something like this: So now when one feels like getting their groove on, you call and say “hey I will be over and a minute” then you get there, pretend to have coffee or whatever while knowing that you are there primarily for the nookie” I was just not seeing how one goes about this FWBs gig. It has to get awkward at some point. How does one not catch feelings for the other, how do you deal with “I am busy” ama.. the fact that your FWBs has another FWBs….. very strange.. me thinks I would rather pay for it.. because at least in that case there is no pretense.. I need release.. I pay, you do the job.. you go home thank you very much and hopefully since it with a professional… satisfaction guaranteed. 😀

I am toying with the idea of getting leggings. There are the mid calf leggings which were in all summer. With winter approaching the full length leggings are in. I have seen some leggings atrocities in town hence my skeptism. They look nice on the less endowed thighs. Being fully African with abundant thigh.. but not butt tsk tsk… me thinks I might end up being an atrocity. Still toying with the idea. This is what I am talking about:

leggings.jpg This is okayish leggings.

legging-atrocity.jpg This is not working for her at all.

Winter is approaching, hair must get braided. Have I mentioned it costs like £110 to have it done. The lady refused to give “a sister” a discount. Someone has offered to work thier magic on my head but I am hesitant. Thing is very few people can braid without pulling your hair. My hair line is already dodgey looking thus my unwillingness to further destroy it in the name of saving a few bucks.. buuuuuttttt £110 is a lot to ask!


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  1. Hi Mrembo. No comment on the leggings – as I am not sure how I feel about ’em making a come back!

    As for 110 for the braids – makes those of us in the Diaspora miss those Kenyatta Mkt (or wherever esle) ladies. Aki when I move back home, I will never take getting my hair done twice/month or braided for granted! Do you know anyone who has had their braids done by the somone who volunteered to do yours for cheaper? Ebu look for women from French speaking Africa. If they work in a salon – ask ’em if they can do your braids from their hse – they charge much less then. Good luck!!!

    You are so right about taking braiding for granted. Anyway, I have a few numbers in my bag that I am considering. My hairline is very thin due to having had the chemical fire (perm) on my head as well as years of braiding… so I am EXTRA particular about having it braided. The lady of £110 came highly recommended after passing the “so are you able to sleep after your hair is done” question. The other contact I have does not pass the test. This is after I saw some of her handywork.

  2. kenyan mamas in Switzerland have been trying to convince me to go the weave route, which they all don. Weaves don’t work for me, and i will always recall a disaster i suffered once in the name of a weave. when putting my son to bed, on the day after the said hairdo, he pensively remarked that now he has a new mum. hope you get the picture. mum transformed into a complete stranger!

    Too funny! I wore weaves while at University and stopped about the end of third year. The itch was incredible could not stand them. The good thing was that I used to have them washed and styled every week and wear it only for a month. Those were the days when my pocket money was for food and hair!! Once I started going to the gym on the regular.. they were out of the question. Talk of sweat, smell…yuck. The itch was what finally made me say.. enough!

  3. i dont relate… fashon bila idea

    Though I am sure you know what you like when you see it

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