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Related or not?

Big Al and I are having an argument about relations and relatives. It started like this.

I was insisting that we visit his aunt (mum’s sis) because I want Nik to know his relatives in this city. Aunty S has 2 children, one pre-teen and one teenager. Big Al then asks me what is the name or term of the relation between Nik and Aunty S’ children who are Big Al’s first cousin.  I’m like “of course they are cousins”. Big Al then challenges me saying that is “Ugandan definition” so I look up the definition of cousin in Oxford Dictionary and it says

  1.  a child of one’s uncle or aunt
  2. a person of one’s own age or generation to whom one is not closely related.

Now I am confused and not confused. Me thinks the English language is limited.

There is no doubt that Nik and Big Al’s cousins are related. Big Al and the cousin’s grandmother is Nik’s great grandmother.

So is there a term to correctly express this relationship or does the related-ness of people end after second cousin???

Check this out. My great grandfather GF  had my grandmother Wawa and my grand aunt Wawa M (wawa =grandparents). Wawa has mom. WawaM has Uncle N. Mom and Uncle N = first cousins. Mom has Mrembo. Uncle N has Mags. Mags calls Mom Aunty and I call Mags dad Uncle. Mags has Sophie and Mrembo has Nik. Mags and Mrembo= second cousins. So are Nik and Sophie cousins or…….


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  1. Er…..you’ve completely lost me there. But me thinks Big Al’s cousins = Nik’s uncles and aunts. I think I’m right, no?


  2. Hmmmm.. You have me totally confused but being a kyuk, I believe they are Uncles and Aunties. Tell Big Al that its an African thing and he will not understand it. My second cousins are my gals aunties.

    You and I stand corrected.. its all about being cousins.. but I prefer the aunty, uncle thing… some many of my aunties are actually my cousins twice removed or thrice… hehe!

  3. Hi,

    I think from what you have described above the english would classify it as a cousin once removed or twice removed depending on how many generations there are between the first cousins.

    However cousins in the west do not really consider their relationship to be that close and unless there is a friendship that underlies the relationsip they just meet at family gatherings i.e weddings, funerals etc. …although this is purely an observation and not a definition.

    The lawyer has spoken… no more need be said … 🙂

  4. I’m lost in the N equation. To find the value of N, ok, this is not that kind of problem.

    Parent’s siblings are aunts and uncles. Their kids are cousins. Now the wives and husbands of those aunts and uncles have their siblings too who are distant cousins…………

    so it’s all cousins… anything else is a matter of “africanisation” . hehehehe!

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