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Light of my life

dsc00700.jpg Give me a hug mama! (7 months old)
I keep telling mama that I should model.. does she listen…..tsk tsk! (6.4-7 months old)

He can sit, crawls all over the place. Has 8 teeth, 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom. He is also pulling up to stand, uses everything that he can and when he is halfway up and gets stuck.. I am summoned with a scream :-). Chewing on everything, his crib has gnawing marks. Pinching is his new thing. Gives mama open mouth kisses :-). Loves any electric cable that he has access to and they go straight to his mouth. And he loves to scream. He has a high pitch, loud, LOUD scream. He is also slowly begining to understand the meaning of “NO”.

He eats solid food twice a day. Porridge and yorghut in the morning. Snacks on oranges, rice cakes and bread during the day. For dinner he will have mash of one of the following: sweet potatoe, buttersquash, potatoe, squash with broccoli, liver pate, chicken, fish, peas etc. (rice and pasta will be started next month)

He still has issues with tummy gas so I am holding off beans for some time. He eats ugali when I make it. I am yet to try matooke.. but I am sure he will go for it. Loves water.

Still sleeps horribly….. but I have settled about it.. so no more moaning. I still have rough days, like the other night I was like “I am going to beat you right now”after waking up for the nth time during the night.

That’s about it from Niksville!


Comments on: "Light of my life" (8)

  1. hakeembig said:

    Swear that little guy is so cute.
    He sure has grown!

  2. Always refeshing to see pics of little Nik. Such a cutie!

  3. Oops, meant Refreshing

  4. Woooooow! Good job you’ve done there! Time sure does fly, 7 months are already gone!

    Don’t worry about the rough nights, I tell you if I sleep like a log nowdays, you will, soon.
    We got so tired of being woken up at night, so we bought a huge bed, to accomodate ‘whomever’ woke up from sleep. It is all history now.

    Better days are ahead!

  5. Too cute! I remember those days when i used to get 1 hr sleep every night..phew..but it was well worth it..They just grow up being too adorable..Take plenty of pictures cuz they grow pretty fast!

    Lovely pics

  6. Oh how cute! I feel like it was just the other day I was reading your posts of been up all night and the joy of days old motherhood, congratulations to you on the good job,yay!!!!!

  7. He is so cuute. Don’t worry soon you will sleep through the night. Congrats to you and Big Al and blessings.

  8. thanks for all the comments. We are keeping well and he is growing bila any probs for which both Big Al and I praise and thank God.

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