A few things about me

This that or the other!

I was hoping the other “design” would grow on me. It didn’t; hence the new look. I don’t like it 120% but it will do for now.

Been working on two posts in my head. One about God (Nils I do tend to keep my promises) the other about love and relationships (as inspired by events in my home đŸ™‚ ) but but but buuuuuttttt they aren’t gelling well.

Happy November folks!


Comments on: "This that or the other!" (2)

  1. Post them both..let us be the judges.

    I do like this look over the other one

  2. I Await with eager anticipation for the unveiling of the above.

    I trust that you will follow what is truly in your heart
    ( as you write) as i know that the heart cannot lie.

    I trust you are all well in body, mind and spirit. And Nik is a gorgeous blessing regardless of the the trials you have to grow through to bring him up. Just makes you think how special our mums are for bringing us up.

    Stay blessed

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