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Its all about the eyes!?

They say it’s in the eyes. That you can read a person by his eyes. They describe it in numerous ways: ice cold eyes, warm eyes, shifty eyes, dead eyes, laughing eyes, soulful eyes, sad eyes….. I could go on.

Thing is this though; I don’t get it. I swear! I have never looked at a person and thought the person had some kind of eyes-make your pick from the list above. I tend to look at the whole face. For me it’s in the face not only the eyes. Or is that what “they” mean when they say its all about the eyes. How does one have shifty eyes and what do warm eyes look like?

Its the whole look in the face, the flexed or relaxed muscles, the squint or widening of the eyes, the slackening or tightening of the mouth. Its the whole thing as well as the vibes sent off. All that together then I can say the person was cold or warm or whatever..refer to list above.

But then again, I have never really looked people in the eyes. Growing up, looking straight into peoples eyes was rude beyond. I tend to look just above, below, to the side of the eyes when speaking to people. I had to practice looking people in the eye when I came to Europe and even then it was as described previously.

Now I have set myself a mission to look people in the eye and describe the look. Maybe I will discover what it means when “they” say: His/her eyes said it all. They were, lost, confused, sad, laughing, cheeky, twinkling, sparkling, mournful……. ….. …. ….


Comments on: "Its all about the eyes!?" (2)

  1. Intresting post. I am one of those who can write your life history (possibly your future too!) just by looking at your eyes. I don’t know you if I have not looked into your eyes. Then, once I have seen your eyes, you can defend as much as you like, but i will have arrived at very many conclusions.
    Once, my mum recounting to us a dream she’d had the night before, pointed out how I looked at a certain person, “..and you mwari, you looked at him how you look at people…” I can only hope that I do not come out as ‘staring’

    Mwari; that is really interesting. I would love for you to look into my eyes and tell me what you see; then I would judge and see if you are correct or not :-). I promise to take all you say without offense 🙂

    But then again, that is so dangerous to do i.e. arrive at conclusions just by looking at someone’s eyes. What if the eyes are decietful?

  2. I am alot like you, i cant bring myself to look someone straight in the eye. Will try this and tell you how it goes.

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