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Night Weaning

Today or rather tonight the challenge begins. I woke up in a mood dangerous enough to chew someone’s head. No one presented themselves for the chewing. Baby daddy aka Big Al is away on work safari.

I was furious, stewing mad, a pot just waiting to bubble over. Reason: I did not sleep. The little bandit was at it again. Has been at it since day one and there are days when it’s just too much. Last night was one of them.

So I have decided to night wean him. I feel sorry for him already, but I just cannot do it anymore. Waking up every freaking hour and half so that he can feed for comfort is not a good excuse anymore.

I have read up on it and I am no more the wiser because everyone says something different. Its cold turkey for Nikh the night bandit. God help us both! I have no idea what I am doing! I am armed with my bottle of water for him. He adamantly refuses to drink formula milk. I have tried the 3 different brands and he is like “yuck, I only do 100% human organic”

Wish me luck and then some! And yes I have been praying for better nights since he was born, but on this issue the Lord seems to have remained resolutely silent!


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  1. Cold turkey is the way to do it!…speaking as someone who has been there. As long as you keeping responding to his demands for the night time feeds, he will keep on demanding them. When you stop responding, the first couple of nights will be rough for both of you but after a few days or weeks (depending on how stubborn he is), you’ll be glad you did it.

    As for the formula milk, you could try and hang in there and keep him on the 100% “human organic” until he’s 1 (he should be drinking less milk anyway now that he’s weaned) and then introduce him to cow’s milk. This is what I did with my first – I breastfed exclusively for a couple of months and when I tried introducing formula, she wouldn’t take it. I decided this wasn’t a battle worth fighting so I let her have her milk straight from the source until she turned 1 then I introduced cow’s milk.

    That’s what I intend to do i.e. feed him breast milk during the day till he is 1 in March. He will start daycare in Mid Jan 2008, not on a full time basis, just enough to allow me to job hunt etc etc. Last night was interesting. He went to bed at 6.30pm. He had not had his afternoon nap so that was ok. Between 6.30 and 9.00pm He woke up 3 times and i managed to rock him or pat him back to bed. At 9.00pm he let me have it, he cried and cried, while I held and rocked him. It was less than 10 mins but it felt like 1hr. Finally he calmed down, accepted the bottle of water and fell asleep in my arms and I transfered him to his crib. He next woke up at 11.00pm and started screaming when the boob did not appear fast enough. I gave in.

    I am not expecting him not to wake up at all. I am ok doing 2 feeds. One before midnight or at midnight and another around 3-4am. That I can live with.

    Right now it is 8.30pm. He has been asleep since 6.00pm and he is yet to wake up. I know he is going to bed too early, but but but… he is napping strangely during the day. Today he woke up at 7.30am. Then at 10.30am went for a nap and woke up at 1.00pm. Then was awake till 6.00pm. I am like what is going on… we had a nice pattern last week now this??? But it’s all good.

  2. Mrembo,
    I cant help and smile when I read this rant…. please keep this and read it in two years time! You will laugh at your frustrations.

    As one who has been there( except for breastfeeding).. I can understand how you feel. No book can help you in parenting..its is so personal an experience

  3. having brought up one of my nephews i can relate to the midnight songs and walks seeing that i had no breastmilk to give so he had to take cow milk then slowly the mashed fruits. Soon it will be over sooner than you realize.

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