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Best news of the year…………………………………………   ……..        I AM GOING HOME FOR X-MAS!!!!!

When I finally pressed the “complete purchase” button the nervous energy in my brain was off the chart; like a kaleidescope of shooting bouncing lights in my brain. It’s the first time I get to celebrate my birthday and x-mas with part of my family in 6 years. Ok ok so it’s not like this is the first time I am going home in six years… it just that I have not done it over the x-mas period.

Best part of all is that the grandparents get to see the grandson! Not sure I will make it to Nairobi this time.. but I am not seeing how I cannot go and see Mum and the relatives especially with grandson in tow!

See some of ya all soon! heheheheh!


Comments on: "Yippee!" (1)

  1. Half n Half said:

    let me the 1st to say karibu, *shingo upande* couz m tres jealous! Enjoy home

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