A few things about me

A few more things

about me! ………..yes still on the open-ness theme. Here we go;

I started to write and got all weepy and tearful.. so I think I will wait this out.

Tears are due to fatigue, due to lack of sleep, weaning is not working well and I am pissed off and tired, booby milk seems to drying off and I cannot decide if that is good or bad.

Emotions are therefore close to the surface and I need to focus on something else apart from  me and how tired I am.

Its really hard to remember to do all that stuff at 4.00am in the morning when you’ve woke up like 3 times already

Because of all this, I am eating like shit because that is all that makes me feel better and it too cold to go out and I am too tired…

See what a ridiculous vicious cycle it is. God I am tired and angry!


Comments on: "A few more things" (1)

  1. This is a phase… you will laugh at yourself one day

    so I hear! Thanks for the heads up!

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