A few things about me

And finally!

Rombo has some interesting things on her blog. Two of them got me jazzed. Here she challenged us to write a blurb about yourself and here she asked what kind of candidate would you vote for if there were elections for God.

I’ve just read the God post today so whatever I say is off the cuff, not really sat down to think about it. So here is my list:

  • Clear and decisive candidate
  • Should show his track record in a manner that is clear and VISIBLE.

I am getting kinda scared writing this, like God is watching and saying.. “Eh eh, who do you think you are… let me show you.. ati.. a clear and decisive candidate, just wait and I get started on your cheekyness”

So I am going to stop right there and think about it more

Now my blurb. Rombo just so you know.. in case you read this… I went and got my favourite book of the month and read the blurb to get an idea……….

Here we go:

When she was brought forth into this life, she had no idea what it meant

That is just the first line, gotta think harder… as you can see… thinking is not my best ability today morning….

Off to make an omlette.. at least I waited till 12.12pm. Prior to that I had breakfast at 8.30am. Tea and two slices of bread and my daily vitamin pill.

Comments on: "And finally!" (2)

  1. I’m reading this, Mrembo.

    And about the elections: I’ll get in trouble before you do, so don’t you worry…

    Mimi na wewe! 🙂

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