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Kwani does ODM think they are the first and last to ever be cheated out of votes eh?

They are not the first. The way ODM handled this stuff would have ensured at the next elections, they could have won. This mambo of putting “democracy” first has not helped.

I am pissed. I want to see my mum. We live in Langata. I have been speaking to her almost every day. The tension has been unbearable.

I want my mommy.

I hate politics!

Baby daddy has said there is no way his son is going into a “warzone” (his words not mine) . Grandpa has said if I was alone,  I could have gone, but I have a baby in tow, what happens if I need to run. Grandma said, baby and I should stay here until things cool down.

 God bless Kenya!


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  1. Eef Dee Eye said:

    Sorry abt your family situation I guess most of us are going thruy similar scenarios.

    “Kwani ODM think they are the first and last to ever be cheated out of votes eh?”!!!!! So how are we s’pposed to live with perceived injustice????
    Just coz a lady is not the first or last to be raped does not make me endorse the act.

    Justice or Peace What is more important??? I can’t answer that for anyone.
    Again the frustration and stress u r being subjected too must be unbeareble

    The rape comparison is simply extreme and I won’t even bite. The thing is simple. ODM and Kibaki’s party should have put PEACE as thier first objective once the riots started. In Uganda, the opposition has been cheated TWICE. We did not riot. If we had tried, Museveni would have unleased the MAMBAs = armoured army vehicle. The joke around here among lay people has been that Kibaki does not know how to handle stuff. That if it was Museveni, the Mambas would have solved eveything. Sad, but true. Yes we live with a dictator, however after so many years of war, no one is willing to go down that route again. And democracy should be able to survive and win without violence!!!

    Peace is more important. To me that is no brainer. PEACE FIRST AND ALWAYS.

  2. I feel the same way.

    I have family in Nairobi and am in a foreign country on holiday. Iam due back this weekend and am not sure I can get home form the airport.

    @ The commentor above,

    Are you suggesting that violence and mayhem is the only way ODM can deal with their votes being stolen? They are attacking innocent Kenyans not Kibaki!!!

    I am sure you will get home fine. Mum was able to go into town yesterday 4th Jan, and get back home by public transport, so all should be getting better.

    Given this info I thought I would be able to see her, but the law has been laid down so I will not be going to Nairobi at all.

    All the best and a blessed new year to you and your daughters. (inspite of all the mess)

  3. Eef Dee Eye said:

    I can proudly reveal that I have been known to be a coward… violence has NEVER been an option for me. I understand my comments might not be very clear. I only wish others will share my sense of the value of life (…. clearly not).
    I have my family in Nairobi hence my concern. It is difficult to even watch the news – and saddened that people are exercising the worst option.

    I guess I am just frustrated and questioning so many things I took for granted.

    I’m hurting…

    Another coward signing in here. Here at home we have theorized and theorized to no end. The only thing we end up saying is that, it will get better. I believe it will. There is only so long that the rioters will go on doing so. The bite will be felt soon and hopefully senses will return. ODM and Raila are fools beyond. They insist on carrying out this rally. This stupid rally! Si they wait, WAIT until things calm down then call the rally.

    The president has been sworn it. It will be cold day in hell if he agrees to get off the sit. and I will be honest, given what has happened. I pray that ODM NEVER gets the presidency. AT this point I feel Better the devil you know that the one you don’t.

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