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New Beginings

I am guessing that the majority of readers of this blog are Kenyans and much as it may not feel so, I would like to wish EVERYONE a HAPPY NEW YEAR! For so many of us, the new year has begun with a lot of tension and uncertainity however HOPE prevails for the new year.

I will not be blogging about Kenyan Politics. Reason being:

  1. I do not avidly read Kenyan newspapers.
  2. My emotions are running high  thus I am likely to spew nothing but stupidity.
  3.  There are better commentaries about the situation on other blogs.
  4. I am not “on ground” so all my information is from blogs, Western Media and phone calls home.
  5. It’s stressing me out.

On to what I want to say.

So 2008 is here and what an ending to 2007. We spent 4 weeks in Uganda and got back a day or two ago. Yesterday there was a constant knot of tears logged in my throat. I woke up to a grey, dull, cold morning and I just wanted to go back to the sweltering heat of Uganda. Life here is SO SO different and ALONE. That is the one aspect of being here that I absolutely do not like.

However good news awaited us. Nikh has got a place in daycare starting Feb. I have decided to have him in for 25hours a week to start off with. That means 8.00am to 1.00pm everyday. Still toying with that decision. 25hrs is the minimum time one can pay for, so he may be there less hours, but we would still have to pay for 25hrs.

Not sure if I want to look for work or go back to language school. Language school appeals because I have to master this language in order to do what I WANT to do later. While in Ug, we dinned with a family friend who is a Doctor. He studied in Germany, speaks fluent German. He ENCOURAGED me to learn the language PAT DOWN then look for work. I find myself agreeing with him. It will take time, but once I master it, the sky is my limit. My challenge now is to find a GOOD SCHOOL that focuses on getting me to learn the language well. I have given myself 2008 to do that.

Other things are weighing on my mind. To have another baby or not to. That is the BIGGEST question of 2008. I turned 31 in December 2007. Ideally I would like to have 2 or 3 children. (If we were swimming in money, I think I would gun for 4 babies 🙂 ….. yup, Nikh has grown on me). My cousin who is my agemate , whom I went to highschool with, who is a VERY IMPORTANT aunty to Nikh, thinks I should focus on finishing the baby thing so that by the time I am 35 years old, I can put my UTERUS into retirement. I am in agreement. but but but………… decisions decisions.

I once used to suffer from EXTREME COMPARISONITIS. (for those not in the know, comparisonitis is the act of looking at others and what they have and feeling bad that you do not have the same or more. In my case it used to be followed by “I coulda, woulda….if only I had not…..imagine we went to the same school……. )

I met some of my classmates. I will tell you ……..financially, girls are doing very well. After these few meeting, the condition TRIED to raise it’s ugly head and I bashed it down successfully and thanked God for my blessings.

That’s about all from me. I have ALOT to say. it will come out with time.

My holiday was LOVELY, BEAUTIFUL. Oh I almost forgot, I managed to transit for a few minutes in Nairobi and I SAW MY MUM. Had not seen her in a year. Gotta say MY MUMMY IS BEAUTIFUL. She looked so good and young. IT WAS GOOD that I got to see her and most importantly she saw her grandson. She will be coming to visit. Thank you God.

Till later.


Comments on: "New Beginings" (4)

  1. Happy new year to you! Good that you had a good time in Ug, and even passed by Kenya.

    That was quite a packed post, if I comment further it will become a post by itself. I will do a related post on mine.

  2. Mrembo,
    Be glad in one thing, that in spite of the decisions you have to make, it is because you have things to look forward to.

    I wish you a great year

  3. Mwari: It is a packed post.. that is me trying to put my thoughts to paper!

    Seasons: Too true and thanks.

  4. Happy New Year to you too, Mrembo. Glad to hear how Nikh has grown on you.

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