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I have been thinking about it for some time. They say that in order to solve a problem one should get to the ROOT of the issue. The word WHY is usually applied when digging to the root.

I don’t know when it dawned on me; it may have been with the passage of time or a point in time, I don’t know. All I know is that from a certain time, I was aware of the FACT that Kikuyus and Luos do not like each other.


Some bloggers have argued that the violence is not simply a result of the election results; instead the results have been the “final straw that broke the camels back”.

So again I ask, Why has there been / is there a dislike between the two most populous tribes in Kenya.


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  1. hi mrembo
    happy new year.

    It is not true that Kikuyus and Luos do not like each other especially as applied to this particular situation at the moment in Kenya, although there are people who would like to continue peddling that lie to further thir interests political or otherwise.

    I am not sure I believe that…. what about the whole Kikuyu, Luo sterotype, that has to have come from somewhere. I think to deny the dislike/animosity between the two is to hide from the truth.

    The problem at the moment is a class one. The have nots against the haves especially those perceived (wrongly or not) to have acquired what they have at the expense of the rest.

    I think that also has part to play in it. However one has to question why it seems that only the Kikuyu are being targeted. While in Ug, I saw on Ugandan news, that the majority of those who had crossed the border into Uganda were Kikuyus.

    So I think there is an issue between the two. I want to know the reason for it. It was there prior to the elections. The results just seem to have boiled the pot over!

  2. I will answer what i think the problem is. From the day Jomo Kenyatta shortchanged Jaramogi; there was never peace between the two.

    Thanks for your contribution, now I have to read up on that history. We did not do Kenyan History in High school, which is the last time I studied the subject.

  3. Gal africana said:

    Like you I couldn’t understand the antagonism and it is rife. Among ALL classes of Kenyans. Shiroh is right on the money with regards to it starting with Kenyattas rule. What I’ve heard has made me undertand why ODM has been able to incite so much hatred towards kikuyus and I sort of understand their anger. Kenyatta was very corrupt and blatantly favoured kikuyus and their interests and squashed anyone threatening his power including Tom Mboya (luo) who was certain to became president, he squashed Oginga Odingas political hopes of being president……back to the future and I’m sure heard about the agreement between Kibaki and Raila…Raila helped Kibaki win and then he was to be Prime Minister…..he too was thwarted once the mugikuyu got his power…..that’s why the Luos are chanting haki yetu….they believe the presidential seat should have been theirs since independence and the gikuyus have used
    lies and trickery to steal the seat from them. It doesnt help matters that most rentals, property and land, is owned by kikuyus. Even though most of them have acquired their wealth through sweat and blood. The general consensus among kikuyus from my mums generation is that Luos dont seem to have a propensity for acquiring fixed assets. My mother had numerous examples of rich Luos still renting houses…….from a kikuyu! Apparently Luos dont build in kisumu because they believe they’ll be cursed…so they stay at hotels…hence the undeveloped state of kisumu….these are the sort of things the kikuyus think of the Luos….So can you now understand why they wont let this election mess go?

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