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I watched the BBC interview of Raila and I have to say that the idiot is danda. How the fuck is he going to ask for the West to withhold AID. I am not a fan of AID, however our economy relies on IT and once withdrawn it will RAM the common man so hard. Things are already thick and we do not need it. To ask for that is to take the country down the Zimbabwe path even though he said that is what they are preventing.

RAILA does not care. Yes election was stolen big deal. Even Bush rigged elections but did the country fall apart???

RAILA is a power hungry idiot, willing to drive his country to the ground. DOES he honestly think Kibaki and co give a shit??? Why call for riots when things are still so tense. HE KNOWS it will be chaotic. Kwani what kind of strategists do they have. Are they all STUPID?

Someone needs to shoot the man already.

And yes I am aware of the agrument that KENYA cannot go back to how it was before. In the same breath I give you IRAQ during Saddam and IRAQ post Saddam. You decide.

Thing is ODM is fighting the GOV’T and they stand to lose whichever way you look at it. If Kibaki agrees to ati STEP down, he will have WRITTEN HISTORY. And we KNOW that is not going to happen.

I need to blame someone so I am going to blame ODM and Odinga. and first of all, he is not even articulate…. Idiot! YEAH I said it, now what?

I am this fucking pissed AND I AM SITTING IN DENMARK! I cannot imagine what it is like for those in Kenya. Poleni sana.

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  1. Eef Dee Eye said:

    Hey I was not impressed either with the interview. Watching the interview , like the rest of Kenyan leaders, is an excruciating experience and worst is I have to explain to everyone at work what all this madness is all about.

    Wait till you hear Kibaki’s interview – (Don’t hold your breathe though I must warn!)

    They are all the same POWER hungry – actually there is no alternative either way we take!!!!

  2. You have hit the nail on the head there. ODM want to negotiate with blood, if u don’t give Raila PM, more people die. I wonder, how comes the demonstrators dont see through the smokescreen???

    If you are ODM fighting for ODM to rule, then you are like a hunters dog which catches the prey for the hunter. What happens, the hunter eats until full and throws the bones to the dog. The dog are the ODM blind followers. Did u see ODM had to organise demos after tuesday so that they go tue to parliament and sign for jan salo. What about the demonstrators who are to go on demo for three days? Come end jan, nothing………who is fooling who?
    Is it the same Raila who joined moi soon after moi stole an election in 1997? A true liberator indeed!!

  3. It is sad how blind some Kenyans can be to the nefarious agendas haboured in Raila’s head!

    Elections have been lost before.. read ’92 and ’97, lakini the losers knew the country was bigger than them.

    Raila is simply power hungry…he lacks the necessary stuff between his ears.

    As for Kibaki, this man and his Mount Kenya Mafia did a great job of fomenting an anti-Kyuke sentiment among the other ethnic groups. This cabal has been the most ethnocentric.

    But better the devil you know…

    I like that ” the losers knew the country was bigger than them”.

  4. Raila has gone down (this was his best chance at presidency) and he wants to take all of us with him.

    That is how it looks to me, from where I am standing

  5. clearly chamelio will not relinquish the more that he stole that is also not his(on top of Kengen, Safaricom-to-be et al), though sooo willingly given in 2002 only because of president agwambo. do we really have to stare into the black eyes of civil war? at very least, it’s another struggle for independence, just that the theft of our freedom came from within our borders.
    Apparently justice will take time. as expected parliament is prorogued. don’t forget, justice and democracy are for the people. when wananchi decide they aren’t interested in democratic rights, or when we’ve all been killed, the streets will be empty.
    ‘The kenyan people will accomplish whatever they set their minds to” …pres. raila odinga. no wonder he’s the leader.
    i feel let down by my fellow mwananchi in othaya. you must have known how bad this person can be. how did you send him back? no-where else in kenya has this happened. even the veepee was told aende. kenya cannot take anyone they select seriously again
    free your mind and the rest will follow.

    I did’nt really understand your point of view

  6. Mrembo
    Have you seen this?

    If you think you can appease this government by lying low like a form A16 then you have another thing coming.

    After they are done with us, they will come for you

    First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist – so I said nothing. Then they came for the Social Democrats, but I was not a Social Democrat – so I did nothing. Then they came for the trade unionists, but I was not a trade unionist. And then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew – so I did little. Then when they came for me, there was no one left who could stand up for me.”

    Thank you for the link. I watched it. Now here is my case.
    People were told VERY WELL and CLEARLY, to stay at home, that cops had been ordered to shoot or whatever. What took people out there????? I do not CONDONE the shooting of that man, LAKINI si mumesha onywa! To me any person who gets shot by the cops, it their own fault. WHAT MORE ARE YOU TO BE TOLD. The gov’t has taken it’s stance. They have to take a stance, much as I do not agree with it, THEY HAVE MADE THEIR EDICT CLEAR.

    I read that quote before and much as I agree of it, one has to ask, WHAT IMPACT CAN I MAKE IN A GIVEN SITUATION. In this case they have guns and you have stones… do the math.

    My opinion is that ODM should have waited until things calmed down. This is a fight that should have played out in parliament or the political arena, not on the common man’s back yard.
    ODM SHOULD and COULD have WAITED. To me it seems they are just acting out of passion and anger and taking anyone and everyone down with them.


  7. As i have said over and over it is a case of who stole the most votes that won and the losing team just couldn’t swallow it. raila himself said which constituencies they STOLE the vote.
    *A re-election wont be fair because people will be rulled by fear and too many are displaced anyway
    *A recount wont be valid since it includes the cooked votes from BOTH sides
    *The only way it seems is that this two big headed IDIots get their ego down and work on something which is almost imposible ( though with God all things are possible–pray hard people)
    *I still condemn the violence from BOTH supporters and the police. No one deserves to loose their lives in that way
    *Let us pray hard and work towards options of reconciliation (i have brainstormed and still dont know what to think)


    I agree that none of them should be leading, but one of them is and to be honest, he looks like the better of the two devils. I do not understand his “silence” strategy. But that is what he has decided to do. Then the other fool is just running his mouth left right and center. Has he gone to his homeland to see how his supporters are doing? Has he gone and urged them to chill and relax because we are ONE KENYA. Has he shown us that HE CARES. The fool sitting in the chair has shown some kind of authority, by telling people to STAY HOME OR ELSE.

    The COPS ARE DOING THEIR JOB. I have no fight with the cops. None at all. Yes, human rights have been violated and all… but we live in the real world and in REAL LIFE human rights get violated everyday by everyone,…. case in point GUNATANAMO BAY. One does what one has to do, for the MAJORITY OF THE MASSES, to live in some semblance of peace and order. It’s a tough life and only the strong and wise survive! (i think)

  8. Eef Dee Eye said:

    Gibberrish……. honestly just shhhhh! and listen to yourself.

    If I were you I’d be quiet and just look beautiful! Honestly.

    for some strange reason I smiled when I read this and thought, the man has a point there, I do need to hush up about this stuff already… I really do need to….!

    the looking beautiful part… eh eh there is an insult therein somewhere…wacha tu!!

  9. I will say this as someone who enjoys your blog but is about to tune off because of your one-sided uninformed analysis of the current situation in Kenya.

    I will admit that until this past election, I too wasn’t keen on the goings-on the kenyan political scene. I am not going to side with any one side but having followed the voting process thanks to KTN-live via africast, it’s obvious that justice hasn’t been served on the Kenyan people. I do not condone the sacrifice of innocent lives for the sake of power but this is more than just the two leaders and more than just Kikuyu vs. Luo. Kenyans were denied their basic voting rights- all they wanted was a free and fair election. Most Kenyans (myself included) took it personally that some people think they are more Kenyan than others and can do as they please regardless of the people’s voice (through the ballot box). I am deeply saddened by the news flowing out of Kenya since after the elections. As a Kenyan in the diaspora, I obtain most of my news on the internet and lately I have to mentally prepare myself for what I’m about to read/see before I pull up any news on Kenya.

    Having said this, I think it’s important to look at the big picture. Just because Africans are known to practise a flawed form of democracy doesn’t mean we should sit back and be content with having others walk all over our rights. I think it is important to speak up and be heard, and maybe this is the generation that’s going to open the door to a true form of democracy. It’s not just about Kibaki and Raila but any aspiring future leader(s) needs to know that leadership is not a right, it’s an honour that’s bestowed on you by the people. Taking the leading role towards change is not something everyone can do…or desires to do for that matter- which is why we have leaders. As a leader, Raila’s position is a tough one. He is certainly not perfect but neither is any of us. I don’t think he should concede and accept defeat knowing the elections were not free and fair. His is a tough position to be in and I do think he can do certain things to show his solidarity with the common mwananchi even as we fight for our rights as citizens of a democratic country. As a mother, I worry about the kind of world we’re creating for the future generations. Wouldn’t you rather leave your children in a free and democratic world one day when you’re gone?

    There is so much I want to comment on here. I will start by saying that I have always TRIED to stay away from political blogging for a number of reasons, the first and foremost being, I AM INCAPABLE of being OBJECTIVE, RATIONAL and I Lack the intellectual finesse to blog politics. There are far better bloggers on the issue than me. That said, the issue at hand has directly affected me and has touched me more than I thought it would or should, hence I blog.

    I will end by saying; I have been reading a lot of blogs and the various responses and it is all well and good for us to theorize and politicize about democracy and all… BUT…perhaps this DEMOCRACY is a hoax! The Western nation democracy we want to ape is perhaps not our solution given our circumstances. They have managed to ensure thier masses are satisfied and in their satisfaction things are kept under control….. I am blabbering….

    I have never been good at being PC and stuff. It was on my chest I had to get it off and I do have to blame someone!

  10. Eef Dee Eye said:

    Not my style to insult others – just refering to your title. Peace!

  11. It is unfortunate that for bloggers, we do not have moderates and when one says something against Raila or Kibaki the ‘other’ side is bound to come out with some form of attack.

    I don’t think it will be possible for one to blog without having an opinion about what is going on. I may not support what you say but I beg you not to get muzzled just because you opinion does not sit well with some readers.

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