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Oh Lord?!

I want to blog other stuff… but the political stuff just keeps getting in my way. After my last post, I PROMISED myself that I WILL NOT BLOG POLITICS.

Thus I hereby pledge not to be anywhere near WORDPRESS when I READ, HEAR OR SEE stuff about  CURRENT KENYAN POLITICS on the news. More importantly, I PROMISE TO VENT at the TV or in the BATHROOM.

But before I go my last word about politics is……… …………

Those people at ODM… all of them…. EVERYONE OF THEM is STUPID.

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  1. I came, I read, and decided to let you know that I was here.


  2. As I commented earlier, it is not possible to ignore what is going on and so I urge you to blog what is in your mind and what you feel.

    I am starting to feel that there are lurkers who are trying to shape opinions on blogs initially subtly and later with aggression then finally with insults.

    Just see comments on Farmgal, Shiro and now your blog

    EXACTLY! That day I blogged what I was feeling.. EXACTLY WHAT I was feeling. And NOPE I do not take any of it back… maybe the swear words… but I do swear when I am angry…(and I only do that in my head or my writing…never at people.) I have read some of the stuff going round and I could not help but think BAD things about those people.

    I come from a political family on both sides. I am used to political conversations getting HEATED, INTERESTING and sometimes downright ABUSIVE, so I am not really shocked.. my only disappointment is that I am not able to write it out INTELLIGENTLY. Now if we were VERBALLY discussing it… hehehehe.. that would be another matter 🙂

  3. Eef Dee Eye said:

    You out did yourself here! Though you lost me… Is that not human rights? That one can say ANYTHING just read through the blogs. Each of us (sad but I’m included) is stuck with prejudices – “an unfavourable opinion formed beforehand or WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE, THOUGHT or REASON.”

    Forget politics tell us something more interesting like whether it’s raining in Sweden (!?) or even what you are up to…. I promise I will enjoy! But politics, like me I think it’s your achilles heel.

    Good day!

    Eef Dee…. I am not sure I’ll claim it is my achilles heel… then again… in the written arena, I do not hold my own when faced with the POLiTICALLY SAVVY BLOGGERS and granted I do not follow Kenyan politics avidly.. so.. but… but… aah.. you are right… ok…
    The prejudice part… nope nope nope… my unfavourable opinion of ODM and it’s Leader was formed at the beginning of the chaos in Nairobi. Prior to that I really did not give a hoot who won.

    It’s not Sweden, read more… and where is your blog??

  4. Eef Dee Eye said:

    So you are the very FEW who can claim prior to the elections you had no biases, was rational, fact-based in your judgement about the whole process?!

    Congrats! The first one I’ve met so far (that is if you really were)

    It is no secret that with this kinds of issues the first way forward is to atleast own up to the problem…. Ooops you have no such issues to address.

    One more thing ‘If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be a DAMN DUCK!

    By the way you wouldn’t be interested in reading what write – very few do ( I confess sometimes struggle to understand myself) and politics I simply ABHOR it is for very few less talented among us.

  5. Eef Dee…you are now managing to irritate me with your sarcasm.

    YES.. I CLAIM that I had no biases, until the violence begun and TOUCHED MY LIFE PERSONALLY… then I begun to care, take sides and that’s no secret. Truth be told, prior to this, I would barely read the headlines on Kenyan news… things were peaceful.. so nothing to worry about

    I have tried to find out why Luos and Kikuyus dislike each other..and only ONE PERSON seemed to try and answer the issue. I agree with those who propose that hatred had been bubbling in the pot just waiting to boil over. Those who propose that there was no such thing are LIARS.

    Political instability is not the way and I adamantly take a stand against Raila and ODM on this issue. For that I forgive him not. And yeah yeah, the elections were stolen… but deal with the present now.. … why not go forth in a manner that does not kill the economy and people’s lives. And sure Kibaki and co have a role to play… LAKINI in MY EYES ODM and co are the bigger devils.

    And what’s with the duck thing?

    What issues do you feel I have to address. Are you going to jump on the bandwagon that says if I take sides I am a tribalist.?? So damned whatever side one picks.

    I am very interested in hearing YOUR OPINION on what the PROBLEM IS /WAS that has led to the violence? (apart from the fact that votes were stolen… even Raila admitted on Hardtalk BBC that he COULDA done more to stop the violence when it erupted)

    You abhor politics and yet here you are almost hounding me about my political opinions (intelligent or otherwise)… me thinks Eef Dee Eye doth protest too much!

  6. Eef Dee Eye said:

    Like you politics has been thrust down my throat especially since it has affected most of our loved ones. Personally sometimes I’m afraid to watch the news.
    So my intentions were not to question your political standing – it is meaningless to me personally or whether you are tribal. My point was simply that our environment shapes us. How comes we take sides first and then try to reason out?

    Being a christian I always wonder if I was born in the Middle East I would still hold the views that I hold so dear. Or if I was from Central or Nyanza provinces.

    Enough of politics – I didn’t mean to HOUND you – I wish I was bold enough! And on the part of being close to grumpy – it all comes with age…. CYNIC some would describe me I repent
    Good day

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