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The Crook in You

Over my x-mas holidays the family and I had a very interesting discussion after I posed the the following question.

A brief suspension of reality is required.

Imagine this, one day,doing your normal everyday stuff, you stumble across a bag full of ONE MILLION POUNDS cash money 🙂 . No-one in sight, no cameras,  nothing. Just you and the money. You take the money.

What would you do with it? How would you spend it.

Here is a fact about Europe: You cannot buy a house, car, or REALLY expensive stuff CASH. Most large expenses have to be paid for through the bank in one way or another… that is… there has to be a paper trail.

Another fact: They are always watching you! hehehehe….. the tax people.


Comments on: "The Crook in You" (3)

  1. Introduce the cash slowly into the banking system..over a period of time say one year.

    Alternatively, partner with someone with someone whose business receives a lot of cash eg a Beer distributor, a Casino or a supermarket and use their bank deposits in small amounts. This is how dirty cash gets cleaned.

    The slowly idea is plausible for the simple Mrembo Blog like me… however it cannot be over a year, it would have to be longer… ati over a year, somehow Mrembo Blog has £1,000,000.. the tax man would be on my case like white on rice….

    Haya.. idea number two… A simple everyday non-owning business person like Mrembo would not even know where to start hooking up with a beer distributer, Casino or supermarket… ….it would work, if one knows people in that kinda stuff….. …

    It would work for you given the circles I imagine you move in.

  2. hmmm
    This is so similar to what i fantasize about on my drive home from work every day….. 😦

    I’d buy massive amounts of property and seriously boost the stock market in Nairobi.
    I’d spend all but kidogo of the money in Kenya.

    how would I get the money here? oh so many ways.
    make multiple trips to the country every time carrying as much cash as would leave me under the legal limit for cash you can carry across boundaries.

    buy house furniture in Brito and ship it (with money stashed in strange places) to Kenya.

    o.k. this is exciting. now can I have the money? 🙂

  3. I watched a movie the other day, Sybil Shepherd was in it. She wanted to move a lot of money from the country without leaving a trail, and she made a belt of money with like £2000 stacks using masking tape. She did not fly, she drove through borders, and then chartered a plane to Acupolco (sp).

    It was so real, and maybe doable.

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