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Kwani does ODM think they are the first and last to ever be cheated out of votes eh?

They are not the first. The way ODM handled this stuff would have ensured at the next elections, they could have won. This mambo of putting “democracy” first has not helped.

I am pissed. I want to see my mum. We live in Langata. I have been speaking to her almost every day. The tension has been unbearable.

I want my mommy.

I hate politics!

Baby daddy has said there is no way his son is going into a “warzone” (his words not mine) . Grandpa has said if I was alone,  I could have gone, but I have a baby in tow, what happens if I need to run. Grandma said, baby and I should stay here until things cool down.

 God bless Kenya!

Kenyan Chaos, Ugandan probs

I am supposed to be in Nairobi at this very minute. Actually, I was supposed to have flow in on 31st Dec… but y’all know what happened.

I have been angry, scared, and looking for someone to blame for all this chaos. I know it is completely un-pc for me to start naming names and saying stuff, since a whole load of you will come back at me with “you don’t even live here”…….do I care! Like everyone else I have an opinion and the right to state it! Afterall this is my space so I can say what I wanna say. Tough if you don’t like it.

The chaos in Kenya has had rippling effects here in Ug. We have no fuel. The number of cars on the road has reduced substancially. Fuel prices have rocketed beyond. Normally a liter of petrol goes for UGX 2350 =USD 1.38. As of yesterday some stations were selling a liter at UGX 10,000 =USD5.09 PER LITER. The good news on the radio today was the the UG army together with the Kenyan one are escorting 155 lorry tankers of petrol to the country. So we are all holding our breaths. If this goes on for another 3-4 days, then the rippling effect will be hard felt.

My folks are out shopping today for lots of dried food, tomatoe paste etc. The electricity turbines at the dam run on fuel, once thier stocks run out, no electricity for us. It has been on radio etc etc…. Most people are kinda like ok cause we have been through this before and know how to weather it!

I am pissed. I have less than 10days before I return. I bought one of those tickets that does not allow for changes (ok….so I will find out for sure on Friday if I can make changes). On 20.12.07 I bought 2 return tickets to Nairobi. Of course I have not used them yet. The airline company has agreed to extend it for one month. I have to travel to Nairobi to see mum and for her to see her first grandchild. If I do not travel, I do not know when we will see her again. The other option is for her to come her, that is our last option due to the financial implications of it. It will mean a hotel stay for her etc etc….

So I am rightly pissed at the political parties who seem to care more about winning than peace and stability. I don’t buy the whole demorcary at whatever cost. Odinga pissed me off so much mpaka, if I was allowed to vote, I would not vote for him ever. Him and his party needed to have come out STRONGLY and urged thier MAURAUDING idiots to stop thier nonsense, instead he is only saying ati “Kenya is in a state of mourning ” IDIOT, TUMBAVU. Then Kibaki, what’s up?? Kwani you can’t say anything, YOUR SILENCE is just as DAMING. Nyinyi wawili TUMBAVU!

So I am pissed because this shit has directly touched my life. I want to scream.

Poleni to those who have lost people in this mess. Poleni to all of you who are having to live through the uncertainity and fear.

Peace love and Unity. One kenya, one people!!!!