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Playing Tag

Seasons tagged me so here we go.

DISCLAIMER: I do not know SIX other people: everyone I was thinking of has already done it, so the TAG stops with me. Yeah, I am boring!


The Rules:

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  1. I don’t do coffee nor beer! I don’t see what the hype is about coffee. It tastes horrible. IF IF I have to have it I smother it in milk and sugar mpaka it does not taste like coffee. Beer…. stuff tastes like bath water, how the hell people get past the taste to finally start enjoying it… I don’t know. Wine I can sort of handle. Half a glass is the most I can do at one sitting. I feel all tingly and my legs get heavy and if I do too much wine, my heart starts beating really fast. Therefore I stop the minute my legs get heavy and that is about half a glass. (I know I am a woss!)
  2. If I come to visit and you offer me a drink (hot or cold) it MUST be accompanied with something to EAT. I do not do CHAI AU SODA KAVU! . If there is nothing to accompany the drink, then I will not be drinking, if I do, I never finish the drink. I cannot just have a cup of tea or glass of something. (i have no idea why I am like this but I am)
  3. In my life I have owned  only 2 pairs of high heels (anything over 2″ high). I never learned to walk in heels when all the other girls were doing so. I own a very hot pair which I have never worn outside the house. I practice in the house with hopes to wear them to some function :-). Every time I go shoe shopping I always end up with loafers. I have owned every type imaginable. I have to restrain myself from the loafer section.
  4. I am not naturally huggy huggy or cuddly. It is something that I have to work on really hard. However I do touch alot if I love you… like a pat on the back if I walk by.
  5. I am NOT SHY but that does not mean I am loud. I am a stupid softie at heart. TV shows, films, books, make me cry.
  6. I am obsessed with BEAUTY and have a screwed relationship with it. In my head for some reason, my wiring makes me think ati IF YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL then life is easier and you have everything. So every time I see or hear that a beautiful person has suffered, the messed up wiring in my head goes “eh, but she/he is beautiful”
  7. Bonus: I do not like stupid comedies. Anything with Adam Sandler or the Wayan brothers does not tickle me at all. That kinda just pisses me off instead. (yet this is Big Al’s favourite kind of movie)

My book just arrived. I am so, so dancing bananas.

“The Game” by Neil Strauss

I was desperately bored and decided to explore the lone shelf of English books at the bookshop near me and voila! I stumbled across “The Game”. I bought it, not because I need to play but because it was the cheapest book on sale and the idea of a shy guy transforming into a player tickled my fancy. Currently I am at page 177.

Salalala! You need to read the book. I don’t think I would say, buy the book, more like, if you get your hands on a copy, read it.  It is a VERY  interesting insight to the workings of white American dating scene as well as the exploits of those who wish to transition from social misfits into social peacocks/players

Imagine being able to pick a chick in the club or party and kiss and touch her IN THE CLUB. Mr Strauss can teach you to do that.

Me I keep thinking, kwani how loose are these chicks. Maybe I am a prude! Ok I admit, in public I am A BIG PRUDE. Nope I don’t want to hear about how it was last night or how many people you been with or ati he kisses like a dream yuck!…Mrembo is not interested. In private……. hehehehe 🙂 that’s a different story. Ask Big Al!

Mr Strauss says ati the more intellectual a chick is, the easier it is for a guy to ensnare her using the methods of the “the game”.

Me:chicks in LA and Miami are STUPID actually all chicks in the club! 🙂
If you want some entertainment or are YOUNG AND DESPARATE read the book… if not, visit his site HERE 

he is better looking than the image I had after reading his description of himself. Definitely suave looking!


I was going to include this in my previous post but decided that it would be all too much.

I was reading Shirel’s post about Embracing America (1) and was struck by the similar feelings and thoughts.

When I first landed in UK, I had no intention of living there longterm. I was there do study and get out. Life happened. Then I moved to Denmark and to be honest I looked at it as a kind of transit point. Life happened. I went home for x-mas 07 and in conversation with dad he was like if he was a young man he would leave Uganda and never look back. This was echoed by another family friend.  I had heard this every time I went home and I was like “ala, these people are just talking” See I was/am a diehard live and die in Africa.

Then shit broke out in Kenya and I was forced to think about what all this being Ugandan/Kenyan means to me. Why was I so adamant about NOT getting Danish or British citizenship. (I felt like a sell out, I have a home, family,relatives, why would I want to leave all that behind permanently? was my thinking). Denmark  is not my home and this was/is further emphasized by my ignorance of the SYSTEM. I am still learning.

But now I am thinking, what does it all mean to be Kenyan or Ugandan. When in Kenya your own kenyan brothers will kill you because you look like. What does it mean to be Ugandan when people don’t give you a job because you look like or they start threating that when our time comes (and yet they are wrong cause you are actually them but they think you are other). Because of all this shit, I have been thinking that I cannot get riled in anger when a Muzungu displays racism what’s the difference between racism and tribalism or whatever ism. Hate is hate. All I know is if you come for me I WILL FIGHT BACK.

Don’t get me wrong, things are not all ROSY here. Denmark was burning a few days ago. You know those Muhammed cartoons that came out last year, well the press decided to celebrate freedom of speech and reprinted them in commemoration of 1 year anniversary (talk about provocation). You know the crazies went crazy and started burning stuff because they were pissed. Now WHITE Denmark is pissed off at INVANDER (foreginers) because THEY are burning down their country. Yesterday I would have died if looks could kill. The crazies burnt the rubbish shed for block of flats opposite ours. After dropping off baby I decided to have an up and close look of the shed remains. Old woman was there looking at it. I have seen her many many times from my kitchen window. She keeps the surrounding area clean, cares about the flowers etc etc.  The woman stared bullets at me all the way till I got into the main entrance of our block. I deliberately turned back to see if she was watching me and you guessed it. I don’t feel bad about that. To her I am one of them. I understand how she feels. Hate is hate (got to be careful with it)

So I find myself contemplating a longer life in Europe. . I must make peace  with that new truth. This is my home for now until I move again.


Lost Once Again

Allow me to yap about this one more time.

I find myself at some kind of cross roads and I am a little afraid/scared. I have been looking forward to 2008 because it meant that finally I could start getting on with THIS part of MY life. Baby started day care, so I have a few hours to myself everyday.

The big question now is WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE. More importantly, THIS TIME ROUND I MUST GET IT RIGHT and that freaks me out. It scares me that in my attempts to get it right I may get it wrong -i mean I did it once before eih!.

10 years ago when I started my degree at Makerere, I knew it was a pointless degree. We called them flat courses those days. But I went ahead and did it because I was too afraid and ignorant to look at other options. Repeating Form 6 was out of the questions because I knew and know that I did my best. Three years later, I was doing admin jobs and landed one which exposed me to business management and thus my decision to do a masters in Business. After that I begun building my career in the UK. I started from SCRATCH  and slowly made my way up. But all in all it was still ADMIN work… allbeit in the end I was doing HR work which I kinda landed by chance and was intending to use it as a launch pad  into the world of high business- finally the opportunity to use my degree.

2 years later, I have looked at my situation from every possible angle. I have tried to be as realistic as possible (while keeping my innate pessimism in check: not an easy fit if you know me). I come to the realisation that I am going to have to retrain. I do not have a UNIQUE skill set. I am in a new environment requiring a different language and thus CHANGE is required.

This time round I have decided I must acquire a skill set that is NICHE, UNIVERSAL and SPECIALIZED. I can no longer do stuff just for the money, otherwise few years down the road I will be in the same place. I have to get it right. The task at hand looks insumoutable and so far away. I know that journey of a thousand steps begins with one.

My first step is mastering the language. Hopefully at the end of it all I will have found out what I want to do with my career life.

But I gotta say … I HATE THIS. I hate having to start all over again. Yes yes yes I should look at it as an opportunity and that is where I am shifting my focus.

Wish me luck………just a small question… what should I do?? lol (that is how bad it is. 😦

Healing Kenya: Idea No. 1

I am sitting here minding the baby. In the background the TV is on and the really irritating Ty Tyneson(sp) of ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover is busy realising a family’s dream. It hits me suddenly.

You see I have been thinking about how we can begin to heal Kenya. A lot of crazy ideas have been going through my head. Some crazy enough to scare even me. But this one seems good.

I am thinking; what if, with all these foundations that have been formed to help people affected in the crisis, come together and pool all thier moneys together. Then you nominate 10 families from each of the affected areas; Rift Valley, Kisumu, Naivasha, Nakuru, Nairobi etc. The foundation then builds a home for these families and furnishes them. Here is the healing part. Say we are building in Kisumu for a Luo family, the builders of the house etc will be Kikuyu. If we are building in Naivasha for a Kikuyu family the builders etc will be Luos. If it is Kibera for ODM supporters, it will be PNU builders etc. Get the drift. This will then be televised on KBC (cause it reaches the whole country). Between the building of property, we get to hear the victims story….(because the victims are innocent but imagine the anger and hatred that begins to build after losing everything….).


Feel free to polish the idea, but I think it is a pretty good one. There is money in Kenya. I BELIEVE we can do it and hopefully get the message through.

If you think it is a rubbish idea.. … no probs.

List of potential sponsors:

Nakumat, Uchumi, Bamburi Cement, that mabati company all the banks in Kenya, KBC, KTN, radio stations, small buisness and all people willing to contribute money or goods.

All you guys good in marketing can convince them to contribute and how it will be good for thier buisness.

To be or not to be

That is the question.

It’s no longer the same. Since the post-election violence THINGS have changed in blogshpere. It’s just not the same anymore. It’s like I cannot be lighthearted, frivolous and vain when things are still so hot on the ground. And even when calm and peace eventually returns, it just won’t be the same and for that reason I am wanting to say goodbye and goodnight. It was fabulous while it lasted, but alas I must go now.

First was the shock, then denial, then anger and now acceptance that what was…was and what is now.. is… and what will be ……will be… and I am changed altered in a strange way.

Right now I am deflated.

When I started this blog in March of 06, I had not even heard of KBW. I started blogging to chart my new life in Denmark, it was for me, my family and  a handful of friends. KBW changed that. Discovering it was like finding gold. Some blogs are AMAZING. The skill of the writers MINDBOGGLING.Issues discussed were forever entaining, enlightening and sometimes heartbreaking. It feels like family sometimes.

BUT NOW things have changed

To be or not to be?