A few things about me

To be or not to be

That is the question.

It’s no longer the same. Since the post-election violence THINGS have changed in blogshpere. It’s just not the same anymore. It’s like I cannot be lighthearted, frivolous and vain when things are still so hot on the ground. And even when calm and peace eventually returns, it just won’t be the same and for that reason I am wanting to say goodbye and goodnight. It was fabulous while it lasted, but alas I must go now.

First was the shock, then denial, then anger and now acceptance that what was…was and what is now.. is… and what will be ……will be… and I am changed altered in a strange way.

Right now I am deflated.

When I started this blog in March of 06, I had not even heard of KBW. I started blogging to chart my new life in Denmark, it was for me, my family and  a handful of friends. KBW changed that. Discovering it was like finding gold. Some blogs are AMAZING. The skill of the writers MINDBOGGLING.Issues discussed were forever entaining, enlightening and sometimes heartbreaking. It feels like family sometimes.

BUT NOW things have changed

To be or not to be?


Comments on: "To be or not to be" (1)

  1. I hear you. But, it will come to pass. (my optimistic head says).

    Take a brief hiatus then return. I am sure you enjoy blogging. This is what happened to me, I got bored, so I deleted my previous blog. Then I realized that blogging is something i do as a hobby, and since it brings some joy along with it, I returned.

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