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Lost Once Again

Allow me to yap about this one more time.

I find myself at some kind of cross roads and I am a little afraid/scared. I have been looking forward to 2008 because it meant that finally I could start getting on with THIS part of MY life. Baby started day care, so I have a few hours to myself everyday.

The big question now is WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE. More importantly, THIS TIME ROUND I MUST GET IT RIGHT and that freaks me out. It scares me that in my attempts to get it right I may get it wrong -i mean I did it once before eih!.

10 years ago when I started my degree at Makerere, I knew it was a pointless degree. We called them flat courses those days. But I went ahead and did it because I was too afraid and ignorant to look at other options. Repeating Form 6 was out of the questions because I knew and know that I did my best. Three years later, I was doing admin jobs and landed one which exposed me to business management and thus my decision to do a masters in Business. After that I begun building my career in the UK. I started from SCRATCH  and slowly made my way up. But all in all it was still ADMIN work… allbeit in the end I was doing HR work which I kinda landed by chance and was intending to use it as a launch pad  into the world of high business- finally the opportunity to use my degree.

2 years later, I have looked at my situation from every possible angle. I have tried to be as realistic as possible (while keeping my innate pessimism in check: not an easy fit if you know me). I come to the realisation that I am going to have to retrain. I do not have a UNIQUE skill set. I am in a new environment requiring a different language and thus CHANGE is required.

This time round I have decided I must acquire a skill set that is NICHE, UNIVERSAL and SPECIALIZED. I can no longer do stuff just for the money, otherwise few years down the road I will be in the same place. I have to get it right. The task at hand looks insumoutable and so far away. I know that journey of a thousand steps begins with one.

My first step is mastering the language. Hopefully at the end of it all I will have found out what I want to do with my career life.

But I gotta say … I HATE THIS. I hate having to start all over again. Yes yes yes I should look at it as an opportunity and that is where I am shifting my focus.

Wish me luck………just a small question… what should I do?? lol (that is how bad it is. 😦

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  1. I hear what you are saying, for I can relate with your situation… somewhat, and it is not easy.

    Tell you what, I have no answer. So just get up, polepole, dust up and get started with that first step. As long as you are started, you can say you are moving (as opposed to just planning to start)

    While at it, I send you my best wishes 🙂

    Asante for the best wishes. Like I responded to Seasons, I hope to start language school yet again next week following my assessment. The assessment determines what class level I should be put into.

  2. You have the answers. Reading through your post TWICE- it is all there; The problem, the conflict and even the resolution.

    Master the language, retrain and hit the job market- this time with a specific target. You are in a great position.

    Best of luck

    That is what I keep telling myself….opportunity opportunity! I have my assessment at the language school this friday and hope to start next week monday. I have more or less identified what I would want to do.

  3. Gal africana said:

    If you are in cph then look into CBS. They have business masters courses in english. You don’t have to wait to master the language. Could also get a mentor through kvinfo and they can help you with getting a network in the field you want to work in.

    Oh no no no! I do not want to do anything in English or business related. Done with that! I disagree with you on the mastering the language part. If I want to be FULLY engaged in this society, then I have to master the language.

    I will look into the Kvinfo, thanks for that tip.

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