A few things about me

I was desperately bored and decided to explore the lone shelf of English books at the bookshop near me and voila! I stumbled across “The Game”. I bought it, not because I need to play but because it was the cheapest book on sale and the idea of a shy guy transforming into a player tickled my fancy. Currently I am at page 177.

Salalala! You need to read the book. I don’t think I would say, buy the book, more like, if you get your hands on a copy, read it.  It is a VERY  interesting insight to the workings of white American dating scene as well as the exploits of those who wish to transition from social misfits into social peacocks/players

Imagine being able to pick a chick in the club or party and kiss and touch her IN THE CLUB. Mr Strauss can teach you to do that.

Me I keep thinking, kwani how loose are these chicks. Maybe I am a prude! Ok I admit, in public I am A BIG PRUDE. Nope I don’t want to hear about how it was last night or how many people you been with or ati he kisses like a dream yuck!…Mrembo is not interested. In private……. hehehehe 🙂 that’s a different story. Ask Big Al!

Mr Strauss says ati the more intellectual a chick is, the easier it is for a guy to ensnare her using the methods of the “the game”.

Me:chicks in LA and Miami are STUPID actually all chicks in the club! 🙂
If you want some entertainment or are YOUNG AND DESPARATE read the book… if not, visit his site HERE 

he is better looking than the image I had after reading his description of himself. Definitely suave looking!


Comments on: "“The Game” by Neil Strauss" (2)

  1. I read the book (most of it, I am yet to finish) and believe it or not quite a few of his tips do apply. And yes the smarter the chic is the more liable she is to eat up that kind of stuff.
    I don’t know why but it just is. So don’t hate because alot of the tactics in the book are based on psychology and such so they do work, not all the time though. Hmmmmm you know what, Im going to read the first few chapters again apply the knowledge and then I may blog about it. How does that sound?
    I may make a believer out of you just yet! 😀
    ps: I’m not young or desparate

  2. @ Aco: Too funny! ati make me a believer. Those lines work on chicks in the club 🙂 not on WE FEW intellectuals 🙂 lol

    Please do read, learn, execute and blog. I will gladly convert.

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