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Playing Tag

Seasons tagged me so here we go.

DISCLAIMER: I do not know SIX other people: everyone I was thinking of has already done it, so the TAG stops with me. Yeah, I am boring!


The Rules:

– Link to the person that tagged you.

– Post the rules on your blog.

– Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

– Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

– Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website


  1. I don’t do coffee nor beer! I don’t see what the hype is about coffee. It tastes horrible. IF IF I have to have it I smother it in milk and sugar mpaka it does not taste like coffee. Beer…. stuff tastes like bath water, how the hell people get past the taste to finally start enjoying it… I don’t know. Wine I can sort of handle. Half a glass is the most I can do at one sitting. I feel all tingly and my legs get heavy and if I do too much wine, my heart starts beating really fast. Therefore I stop the minute my legs get heavy and that is about half a glass. (I know I am a woss!)
  2. If I come to visit and you offer me a drink (hot or cold) it MUST be accompanied with something to EAT. I do not do CHAI AU SODA KAVU! . If there is nothing to accompany the drink, then I will not be drinking, if I do, I never finish the drink. I cannot just have a cup of tea or glass of something. (i have no idea why I am like this but I am)
  3. In my life I have owned  only 2 pairs of high heels (anything over 2″ high). I never learned to walk in heels when all the other girls were doing so. I own a very hot pair which I have never worn outside the house. I practice in the house with hopes to wear them to some function :-). Every time I go shoe shopping I always end up with loafers. I have owned every type imaginable. I have to restrain myself from the loafer section.
  4. I am not naturally huggy huggy or cuddly. It is something that I have to work on really hard. However I do touch alot if I love you… like a pat on the back if I walk by.
  5. I am NOT SHY but that does not mean I am loud. I am a stupid softie at heart. TV shows, films, books, make me cry.
  6. I am obsessed with BEAUTY and have a screwed relationship with it. In my head for some reason, my wiring makes me think ati IF YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL then life is easier and you have everything. So every time I see or hear that a beautiful person has suffered, the messed up wiring in my head goes “eh, but she/he is beautiful”
  7. Bonus: I do not like stupid comedies. Anything with Adam Sandler or the Wayan brothers does not tickle me at all. That kinda just pisses me off instead. (yet this is Big Al’s favourite kind of movie)

My book just arrived. I am so, so dancing bananas.


Comments on: "Playing Tag" (5)

  1. interesting. no beer, no coffee, no drink without accompaniment. hmmmmm. vodka? coz i think i have the same issues with wine…kiasi tu.

    number 4, i was forced into it, but wasn’t too…read shy!

    nice to be here, mrembo, number 6 kinda answers my question on the name…

  2. Where do I start…no need to comment on everyone of them…I’m with you on the coffee and alcohol….

    That beauty manenoz ..Lol!

  3. LOLL @ “eh, but she/he is beautiful.” Nice blog.

  4. You and me both on goofy comedy.

    You’d need to sedate me to get me to watch a Jim Carrey or Steve Martin movie.

    Don’t. Can’t. Won’t.

    How you, BTW? Been a while since I stopped by, I know.

  5. @ Rombo: Thanks for asking. Been fine. Actually better than I would have thought given circumstances. Baby Nikh has been sick sick sick. Coupled with that he has 3 canines (teeth) coming through, one pre-molar that has finally seen the light. All this has led to one very whiny sick, little baby and one stressed, fazed out mummy! 🙂

    All in all we are very good. Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

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