A few things about me


and that’s about it.

I have ran out of stuff  to say hence the silence. My blog muse departed so in the meantime I have been reading old blogs and discovering some new ones

Other than that, I am fine fine fine. Little Nikh has been sick for a long time, thankfully he now seems to be on his way to good health. We celebrated his ONE YEAR birthday some time back (hooray!!). My poor baby was sick during that time. He has grown so much and is stubborn like his mother and father and certainly has his father’s temper; short and quick… but boy is he stubborn. Nope we are not yet sleeping through the night (a post of it’s own). All in all on Nikh’s front things are good.

On the couple side of things; excellence abounds……if I may say so myself 🙂

Been reading lots of books. Lots of romance. Discovered a new genre…Fantasy Romance … eh??? I see you saying. Think Vampires, the undead with a dash of romance etc etc.

Currently reading: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Raising the Strong Willed Child by Dr. James Dobson. You’d think that I would be reading stuff about sleeping….. what can I say!

See you soon.

Comments on: "Nothing" (2)

  1. I was going to email you yesterday…to ask if you are fine. And to tell you my real name now that I know yours 🙂 I suppose I’ll do that next time you go underground.
    pole about Nikh’s sickness. And 1 year already! Time flies. Language school?

    I was a bit startled; ati she knows my real name how???… then I remembered my email to you :-). I finally started language school and I am very pleased with it Its lovely to have something else to wake up to and it is part of the small steps towards my goal. I will blog about it soon.

  2. he he and I thot I was the only one who had gone back to romance novels.Pathetic maybe but they can be erm funny.
    Pole bout ur baby.
    an avid reader of ur blog

    🙂 you should join me in the “I am proud to read romance” club. Over the years I have tried to stop due to a bunch of confused convictions and failed. I now accept that reading them is part of me hehehehe 🙂

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