A few things about me

Mixed Dish

Word from the grapevine is that he beats the shit out of her. Has been doing so for some time now. Apparently the reasons for the beatings are linked to his low self esteem resulting from a non performing work life/business. She being the steady (main bread winner) has not sat well with him hence the violence.

The whole situation defeats me. I fail to understand why she continues to stay. Hers is not a case where she depends on him financially. By staying what message is she sending to thier children.

In my books he is does not exist. He is broken, dirt, dogshit. I feel nothing for him. For her, I want to ask her why stay? why? make me understand. I can’t because we are not close, never were and like I said, I heard it on the grapevine.

I was so troubled by the news of it all. So I put it to myself and later to Big Al, is she not justified in killing him by whatever means. I know I would not condemn her.But before she does I just want to know: Why don’t you leave him sweets why?

And because I am feeling a little blue about her situation and the fact that Big Al is about to travel; here is what I have been listening to tonight.


This one I love love love. I first heard it when I was like in form 4/5. Beautiful ageless song.


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