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Part Two: Mixed Dish

Before I go to sleep I need to rant about the illnesses my baby has heard for the past two months. This is a rant against Danish viruses ala!!!??

We got back from Ug in Mid January, Nikh was fine as a fiddle after having battled a cold for two weeks  while in Ug.  A few days after we get back to DK we go for some baby thingy. There were lots of babies and ofcourse he got another cold. This was not too bad, I nursed him back to good health. There after he joined daycare. He was there for exactly 5 days before he got the mother of all colds. This was his first proper illness. diarrhea, vomiting, stuffy nose, cough, the works. We saw the doctor twice called the hotline more than thrice and they all said he would ride it through. I just wanted to get my child better and was thinking, give him something he is dying, I am dying!!!

He was home for about 11 days, finally I take him back to day care. He lasts one week then is sick again. I keep him home for another week. The week leading up to Easter he was fine and dandy. Tuesday after Easter Monday he was back in daycare.When I picked him up this past Friday he was running a low fever. I have spent the weekend cleaning vomit and diarrhea (sp). He has a horrible cough.

What the hell kind of viruses are present at his daycare. This week Nikh is going for his 1 year medical check up. I will be having some words with the doctor. I just don’t get it. It is getting to the point that I am forgetting that my son has a happy sunny disposition instead of a whiny sick one.

When he was really sick I also got sick and I tell you Danish cold viruses can kick butt. I ain’t never been sick like that due to a cold until I got a muzungu cold….. aaarhg!

Will it ever end. It is more frustrating because I had planned to wean him when we got back from Ug. That has obviously not happened. His sleeping cycles are hellish, more reminiscent of when he was like 2 months old. Poor baby… poor mummy!

(yes I am aware at how poorly this post has been written, I am too tired to edit and stuff, or even delete it for that matter 🙂 and I can’t spell

Comments on: "Part Two: Mixed Dish" (2)

  1. Hi Mrembo,

    It has been a minute.

    You are going thru the viral cycle that kids go through.

    Have you considered that he could be having the rota virus and the doctors in your country do not understand it because it is tropical?

    Thanks for the tip. You are on the money. I read up on Rota and it describes what Nikh’s condition to the T. The most frustrating thing about doctors here is that they all say is “it is normal… it will pass… it is just a virus and we do not give medicine for virus”…I am beginning to look like the pushy mum type at the clinic because I have been in and out there one too many times. At least now I feel more informed and aware of what is happening thanks to your tip.

  2. Pole mami, sounds like you’ve been having a tough time.

    Asante. I am glad that I have handled it better than I thought I would have. At the moment baba mtoto is away and we are doing just fine. Now if baby could only behave when we go out window shopping. That would be wonderful! 🙂 With him there is no ati just sitting in his stroller. Once the stroller stops moving he takes it to mean that its time for him to get out of stroller and explore the world! So not!

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