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Mid-Life Adoloscence

……. is the only logical explanation as to why I want a bikini, tattoo and skinny jeans . I mean what the heck am I going to do with a bikini. This is what I am asking myself. The other part of me says “because I want one, and I am going to wear it” and I am like “where in the world will you wear it? “I just want one”.

The tattoo, I already know the shop where I will have it done, now I just need to pluck the courage to walk in to browse through their catalouge. Nothing big or scary. It will be somewhere inconspicuous.

As for the skinny jeans, I have been hunting throughout town but alas I hunt in vain. The fact that I cannot find them in my size should tell me something.. but no…no… Mrembo wants skinny jeans so that she can dress like this

These (above) are the longer type which EVERYONE has been wearing during winter with the kinda big baggy shifty shirt/dress blouse tops.

Then these (above) shorter ones are what are now on sale for summer, cause you get to wear them with flats or heels. I intend to wear with flats.

Above is an example of the tops (buggy, dressy/shirt blouse or whatever the right name is) paired with skinny jeans.

Now if Queen Latifah and Beyonce can get them in thier sizes, why am I not finding mine?? I am an in-between size of the two ladies. Not small like Bey and not big like Queen, kinda in the middle.

(All photos courtesy of Gettyimages.) Its really hard to find images to exemplify what I am thinking. You can visit http://www.gademode.dk to see whats being worn in my city.

A bonus pic of Queen. She is like my fashion icon. I love love the way she dresses. Who said larger ladies can’t be hot!


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  1. Aww pole about not finding them in your size. I ain’t skinny but skinny jeans were made for me 😀 Hehehe.. I keep asking myself what life was like before skinny Jeans… Lord.. If I could sleep in them I would 😀 I think you guys have a Vero Moda /Only or maybe? Can’t find the last size in Only? I’m assuming you live in DK. In Mango they are also a bit forgiving on the sizes and esp the strech.

  2. the maybe was a typo 🙂 I meant I know theres a Lindex there, they have some nice skinny Jeans and I’m sure You’ll find something as per your size description.

    Wanting to wear skinny Jeans etc..is not being an adolescent, means you are fashion conscious. 😀

  3. @Sanaa: Yes we have Vero Moda but I have not even bothered there cause thier pants just do not fit me in the thigh. Top Shop opened here some months ago and they have fabulous skinny jeans but with kick flare. They fit perfectly but but but.. I am wanting the skinny all the way.. thinking I will have to compromise and get the kickflare ones.

    Will check out Mango and Lindex. I am on a budget as well so hmm.. we will see. Thanks for the tips

  4. I soooo love skinny jeans and tights!!

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