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My angst with reviewers of this particular series of books has prompted me to write my own review.

I now own 5 of the books. Number six is yet to be released in Europe and number seven is being written as we speak. Yes I intend to buy both, though I will wait till number 7 is out before I buy no. 6.

As I type I am realising that the critiques are actually right so my critique of thier critiques is falling apart because I am agreeing with them.

What do I honestly think of the books. Wrath’s, Zsadist’s and Butch’s stories are on the money. I am curious to read Phury’s though I am wondering how he will get over being inlove with his sis-in-law. I own Vishous’ and Rhage’s books but I am yet to read them.

Regarding the plausibilty of white, hetro, leatherwearing men listening to hardcore rap and refering to each other as my brother (that’s fiction for you) and I have no beef with that.

I agree that the female heroines should have been a tad more stronger in character…Butch’s wife just got on my nerves. I loved Bella though. She was alright.

All in all. A good series of books. Very very addictive. If you are going to buy them. Get the whole series at once.

Is JR Ward inducted into my hall of fame for writers. Not yet.  So far only Laura Kinsale has a place there. Why? She ties the story. As in there are no loose ends in her books.  Her hero and heroines are always different, never once do you feel you are reading the  about same character again and again ala Stephanie Laurens, Judith Mcnaught, and the other chick who is the absolute worst at it.  JR Ward has not yet quiet managed that. She tries but she is not yet there. ON the same hand she is not as bad as the ladies I have named.

My conclusion. Go out, get the books and loose yourself in some vampire fantasy, lesser killing, leather wearing dudes romance!


Comments on: "J.R Ward:Black Dagger Brotherhood-Review" (3)

  1. What exactly is the appeal of “vampire romance?” Vampires, by definition, are anti-Christian, cannibalistic demons who feed on humans. Nothing about that screams “romance” to me, but then I don’t understand the weak-minded, self-loathing women who stay with mortal men who abuse them. I have only one reaction to any story involving vampires… obliterate them and send them to hell in the first chapter. End of book. Maybe if more women would throw these books in the garbage and try dating real, decent, loving, single men they wouldn’t have so many lonely nights at home to read crappy books.

  2. Before you make such caustic comments perhaps you should read one! Really seriously and you will see that what you just said is completely wrong.

    Do you read? If so why do you read? is it because you are lonely? If you answer no to the second question then you should realise the absurdity in stating that loneliness drives women to read romance novels.

  3. this books seem kinda inteteresting..and in a way i can identify myself with some of the vampires lol but idk if i should read this books..they look like theyre more for girls, my ex gf loved the series..what do ya’ll think? i love vampire books but this are the only ones in kinda ify about.

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