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Tip # 1

Do you own a pair of pararad (ashy/dry feet)? If you do then listen up.

During  autumn/fall, winter and spring( almost all year round) I fight the battle against ashy feet, even the champion of them all the might Vaseline never seems to do the trick.  I think I have finally found the solution. Hello coconut oil. I am talking about the real coconut, unrefined oil. The smelly stuff.

In the midst of searching for tips on how to keep my hair moisturised etc etc.. I found info on the wonders of coconut oil. Quickly I sms-ed mum and told her to bring me some.  So far it is doing what it is supposed to be doing for my hair the most important being darkening it. Anyway, so the other day mum says to me ati she had been wondering why her feet were getting ashy and dry. She’d never had the problem and mighty vaseline was not working, so she tried out some of the coconut oil and hey presto. I did not need to be told twice

The stuff works. I slather it on my feet and legs in the morning immediately after my shower and I do not need to moisturize my feet again, my legs is another matter. I am still puzzling as to why I get so dry particularly on the feet and legs. (note: The water here is very hard so I am thinking that has something to do with it!). The trick with coconut oil is to do the stuff immediately you leave the shower and wait a few minutes before you dress. That way, you do not get the smell on your clothes and you can be “amongst people” without them wondering… what the heck is that smell.

It’s doing good stuff for my hair and not for my scalp. I am itching a lot.

So that’s my tip to you hope it works. But I must warn you the stuff does smell and not in a pleasant way.


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  1. ragskanyi said:

    thanks for the tip

  2. Shea butter (the raw one that women esp from West Africa pound by hand, not the hyped-up ingredient in other cosmetic stuff)is the other magic. Good for scalp, hair (makes mine black, too!), face, lips, hands, body, legs, sole, kila kitu. It also smells mbaya kiasi but I’ve met a man who thinks it smells good 🙂 I’ll use your tip to wait kidogo after smearing myself before getting dressed.

    I’ve also heard it deals with diaper rash haraka, for the mamas out there.

  3. i have the same problem except its with my hands.i can oil my hands read the paper and have to oil them again after.thanks to mother dearest i discovered nivea soft intensice moisturising creme.however the mother of all discoveries was the dead sea moisturising butter.for the first time in my life i experiences silky soft-its sooo wow.it almost has no smell and ive been told it tastes kinda salty and nice like the sea so try it and see if it works.let me know how it goes.

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