A few things about me

Like most people I am aware that I am scrutinised when I am met for the first time. One such occassion stands out due to a number of reasons; today I had my second “stand out” scrutiny episode.

During break time at school.. I was chatting with a classmate from another english speaking country when comes along this very lovely looking lady.  My classmate introduced us and we got chatting.

Miss Thang then begun dropping “but do I say-isms”.

“Oh, I have just come back from hoilday and will be going on holiday… I work so hard” …. “I am soo busy with school.. I am doing my masters and then I am xyz at my school… ” …….. “I just love flowers so much… I am getting married this summer.. but I am going on holiday next week”….”Yeah this is my natural hair.. I just had it done in London….”…. “yeah I live between here and London”….yada yada yada.

As she spoke I was being visually scrutinsed and found lacking. Thing was I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing. All this time I was wondering what I was supposed to do with her “say-isms”. Remember I mentioned the first time it happened to me.. .. I’ll get to that later. Today I was pleased with myself.  A few years ago I would have shriveled internally at the presence of a Miss Thang, but today I was like.  “I like myself. I have reached a stage in my life where I actually like whole self… Natural hair,  face (I do have my Mrembo  moments), funny teeth, interesting tatas, my little pot (that has been the bane of my slimming endevours), jiggly thighs(which I have come to love including every valley and dimple), fabulous legs (they are by the way 🙂 and beautiful feet…!

I love myself and so when Miss Thang was doing her thing which was designed to blow me away, I was alright with it. She was doing her thing and I am doing mine. I was a little amused at the attempt but was glad to find out Mrembo has grown.

A long time ago while still at Uni I was introduced to anotherr Miss Thang. She was the sister of my friend and she was all that.  Miss Thang was a tad legendary in our social circles. She was/is beautiful, high achieving, very well dressed, desired,drove the right car, had the right boyfriend etc etc and there I was just looking lost. I remember when my friend introduced me. Miss Thang looked me up down TWICE and slowly. I was found seriously lacking and dismissed with a quickness. To this day I have a very low opinion of Miss Thang. She no longer is so Miss Thangy to me. That few minutes in her presence really shook my self esteem. I already knew that I was not fly let alone superfly so it hurt. I have been told that is her manner and she is actually a very nice person nonetheless my first impression of her remains. I don’t even think she remembers me.I don’t care. I was the scary looking chick who hang out with her superfly little sis….(little sis and I no longer speak… she dumped me for superfly friends(or so I think.. I was never told.. I was just given a cold shoulder and had to get the message. yes it hurt because I loved her….. she was the first really girly girly girlfriend I had.. took me time to get over it… ).

So that was my little story of today.


Comments on: "Dismissed?….Not so quick!" (10)

  1. Some people get their self worth by bringing other people down. They are all over the place and I have learned not to bother with them at all! Just keep your head up, treat them like they are no big deal and keep it moving!

  2. Seasons said:

    Ignore anyone who feels you are not worth them…most of the time you will find they are not worthy of your noticing them too

  3. You will be surprised at how much of a low self-esteem “Miss Thang” has. Anyone that validates their self-worth by bringing others down has serious issues. Glad you’re growing up and learning to love yourself. That’s one of the keys to being happy in life.

  4. Press ignore and finally delete on Ms Thang and all her sisters. What is the male equivalent of the same I wonder?

  5. Maturity rocks!! ha ha..How are you lady?? Stronger and Happy I see..How’s Bandit? I’m now just getting back into the blogging world..have missed such nice stories..

  6. Mmmmmhh. I know these miss Thangs too. Don’t let them bother you coz deep down they’re just empty shells. They want to look down on you so they can feel like they’re the top. But the truth is the opposite. If you’re comfortable in your own skin without having to push it in peoples noses then you’re the real deal.

    Pity the men in Miss Thangs’ lives!

  7. Yesu Yesu Yesu! there are like a million more typos than usual in this post. FORGIVE ME!. I swear to God I am not usually this tardy in my writing. I never pre-write my stuff. I just get on the computer and write. I do read through though obviously not thoroughly. Thing is everything is done in a hurry due to lack of adequate time.

    I will be back later to edit and respond.


  8. If you are good with yourself – nothing will phase you!
    So go on and looove yourself to the max…..

  9. Hallo
    Mrembo, it is just my first visit. and I got you from what an african woman thinks, thanks for youre good blooging. I think you are among the best bloggers in Kenya.

    The best thing in this world is loving yourself.


  10. I am getting real pissed so I am writing to wordpress to ask them why ALL OF A SUDDEN i cannot edit my responses… hence reply to responses individually eish

    I have read all the responses. Thanks for saying something.

    Medusa!!!!! where have you been??

    Rebeccca: thanks for the high praise 🙂 I visited your spot and it was delightful.

    I’m still a little busy. I was working on a post today then got side tracked hopefully I will get to it later……………………sometime!

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