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A good man

Piggy backing off the post “Low Standards” I end up thinking to myself .. what is a good man? Who is a good man?

Off the top of my head without deep thought these are the characteristics of what I think make up a good man.  At this point in my life I think/know/ believe that I am married to one of the few good men. (Yesu … thank you)

So here is what I think is a good man: when you finish reading tell me yours!

  • An honest man: A man who will be honest with you about his WHOLE LIFE. About his whole person.
  • Principled: You gotta have some.
  • hard working: Me I cannot be with a lazy, don’t want to apply myself to any kind of work bum
  • A steady good provider: In my case I am now a house wife entirely dependent on my husband. So for me this is very important.  That I can rely on him to provide not only for me but for his son.
  • Easy going kinda of dude: I have lived with a “difficult” man and I ain’t having non of that.
  • A man that respects others as fellow human beings: I have been around people who do not “see” others around them. They do not “see” thier shamba boy, the watch man , the guy who sells maize at the entrance of the estate (shit.. I used to be one of them)

A guy with these qualities to me is a MAN regardless of his station in life.

This post is dedicated to my man! Mingi love baby!

I know I am gushing.. don’t hate 🙂


Comments on: "A good man" (6)

  1. I could add respects himself and others.

  2. Yap! You have a good man and you should let him know often.

  3. My number one on the list God Fearing..without this they wouldn’t even get a second look….i am also married to one of the few as you call them….great post

  4. nice list…

    – kind
    – generous
    – man that will be civil should we end up divorced (pre-emptive but better than be sorry)

  5. A man who knows and fears God is a must. family oriented, an 80/20 man. I seem to know a lot of good men but they just aren’t good for me dunno if it makes sense, i can see them with a certain person and i think they would be happy. They are there just that they are few.
    Being single, can only ask God for a good man.

  6. Keep them coming.

    @Seinlife: that was funny, ati “man that will be civil should we end up divorced” sad thing is that I understand what you mean.. imagine!

    @Gish: give them or one of them a chance you never know! Nothing wrong with a slow start relationship

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