A few things about me


Mum is an Obamastan, to the point she has told me “I am not travelling anywhere in November. I have to be at home to celebrate when Obama wins”

Mrembo: Now yoooouuu! you’re behaving like Obama is your relative or someone you even know.

Mum: Yes! leave me alone.. si he is Kenyan.. I will join in the celebrations. Aieh it is so nice, now imagine his grandmother, step-sisters are all going to white house…maybe I will also get a ticket ….niende nishereke!!

Mrembo: eh?? what??

When mum has the remote control, CNN is on permanent rotation cause she is waiting to get “that clip they showed of Obama in the morning, si they will replay it again”

So yesterday she was raving about how beautiful Michelle is and how she was being interviewed and she was wearing a very nice dress… “ana shape nzuri sana”. The rest of the day we were on CNN trying to get to see the clip again.  Needless to say, we did not see it.

Today I  stumbled on  the interview  on the net and I think I am getting converted.. not so much for Obama but for Michelle. (don’t get me wrong, I hope he wins. I think he will. According to mum “McCain hana sura ya kushinda..)

Mrs Obama  is very poised, intellectual, intelligent and she was wearing a really nice dress, even me I want it! (so for you nice KBWers in the States meet me sideways and help a sista out. Nope the shop does not ship internationally! 🙂  Apparently it is sold out. Just google “Michelle Obama white &black dress” and see what you get.

If you want to hear what she said on this show search YouTube for “Michelle Obama on The View”

Copyright 2008 Steve Fenn / ABC


Comments on: "Obama-stan" (2)

  1. According to mum “McCain hana sura ya kushinda.. LMAO.
    great post.

  2. Your mum is certainly on to something…..and it’s always a pleasure to see beautiful, smart/intelligent black women on tv – rock on Michelle! Elizabeth H. must have been warned to refrain from her mindless endless dribble……

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