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What men Want

So I had a semi-mini-rant about men and low standards here: Eff Dee Eye’s response has sparked this post. He said ”

I think we try too hard to please the ladies in our own way as men (seems like we are not doing that good!). When I listen to great male artists/poets that’s all I hear – they are begging and pleading – maybe the society (Ladies??) have no clue what men want!

I guess maybe lyrics are not enough, at least we are trying – ladies go easy on us we get excited rather quickly it ain’t a secret. Mr Too Damm Good – that’s all we wanted to be.

Listening to G. Levert – ‘Baby Hold on to me & Definition of a man

Therefore I have to question WHAT DO MEN WANT? Women around the world seem to be clueless about what you men want.. so come on tell us..

A lady I used to work with used to say this when asked if she is in a good relationship.

“I know I am happy in the relationship.. you will have to ask my husband if he is cause last time I thought he was, he was cheating on me.” Firs time she said it I laughed till I found out she was not lying. See her hubby dogged on her, they got divorced, he found his mind and they remarried after a 6 year separation.


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  1. Eff Dee Eye said:

    Ouch!..Me?! ….’men and low standards’ (I’m scared now)

    I guess maybe I would love to be next to a lady who doesn’t expect much from me – in that case I wouldn’t let her down! Coz I wouldn’t like to hurt anyone – so long as I work hard remain faithful and genuinely working to provide then I think I am a special kind (Hold on to me!) – forget what you see in the movies ( there’s only one D. Washington!) and maybe maybe things will work out. Battle of sexes – too much is expected from fellas and we realise promises cannot be delivered.

    I don’t have the answer – hopefully someone will help us here! I’ll sleep on the thought looking for inspiration.

  2. Mean to post this on your preceding post, but thought otherwise.

    I do not put disclaimers for dating a ‘njungu’. Reason? Good African men and far and wide and the good ones are taken. Becasue we African sisters know that they are hard to come by. My take on why our men are the way they are – irresponsible towards their children (esp those fathered outside marriage), wife beaters, insecure (their women can’t earn mote moeny then them!), non-respectful to the women can be blamed on the women themselves. In a typical African setting, the woman is left to do all the house work and bring up the children as the man goes out to ‘provide’. The mother will teach the boy that there is some things that his sisters will do and he will be exempt, the boy will go play and hang out till dinner time and come home expecting to be fed, to be cleaned after…We women fall in love with that man years later and expect him to have learnt responsibility along the way. Never gonna happen, he missed that ship.

    I would say men want what they were taught to want from an earlier age. Live a life free of rules (esp those that involve a household setting), commitment and responsibility. They want their lives to be filled with excitement, and are too lazy to create it within their relationships, and take the easy way out – get another woman, the thrill-of-the-chase theory. They want women where they can control them, becasue any other place unbalances them. I call it weakness. Men will complain about a nagging woman BUT will question the independent one. They will label her, call her names, she could not possibly be that well of by virtue of her brains- she must have dropped her pants. Well, I say, if she figured that she could sleep her way to the top, it did take brains to work out a strategy and execute it so successfully. That still makes her intelligent.

    At the risk of turning the comment into a post… I will stop 🙂

  3. Hi Dark Angel: I have read all your comments.Holla when you get here.

    Otherwise thanks for stopping by “my place”

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