A few things about me

Africa Oyeh!

Just finished reading bits and pieces of “New Vision”-One of Uganda’s daily papers and I am completely and utterly jaded! like fu*k that!


Because everything is so bloody dismal. Just plain depressing, sad, sickening, poor , dying dead!

I used to be “Africa’s” Number One fan. Nothing was too wrong, too sad, too corrupt etc etc about “home”. “Just give it time” was my mantra “look at how well Kenya is doing, see how far Uganda has come”. I was a die hard believer in our people and continent.

These days there’s just a big blah feeling in my mouth and soul about “home”.

I no longer watch the news too avidly. No longer read “home” newspapers daily. I generally don’t give a shit.

Even about political stuff here. I don’t care.

Apathy has paid a visit and seems like she’s here to stay and I don’t really mind.

Now I just care about my family and trying to make a GOOD living in this world.

Everything else is just plain irrelevant. I looked at my circle of influence and figured that everything else was just bogus.

And I feel free!!!!!

Comments on: "Africa Oyeh!" (2)

  1. sunnykay9 said:

    Hmm, apathy is always encircling any African fans. She is often countered by each and every time some misguided person tells me ” Oh, poor Africans, you must feel so lucky to have left to come to US” I am reminded once again that its only I who care about Africa in some of my circles, and among dozens of casual acquaintances. If you think one person is ineffective, remember the last time you were in a closed room with a mosquito. Dont let em get you, the papers were trained by western journalists to report about Africa, to show the worst first, and to preach doom. West = colonialists for a long time wishing Africa no good at all.

  2. Mrembo, I feel you. I’ve been struggling lately to ‘keep the faith.’

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