A few things about me

Mental blogging

The other night I had the perfect blog entry. As I lay down to sleep, my mind wandered as usual and I did this entry.

It was delicious!

Thing is though, I don’t remember what the heck it was about.

These days I seem to have all these ideas, experiences and thoughts that I want to share. Then I blog them mentally and that’s that.

Once the mental thing is done, I loose steam to do it over here.


It really was a good entry, I have been puzzling about it for like 2 days trying to dredge it up from the recesses of my memory to no avail. Alas I grow old!

Comments on: "Mental blogging" (3)

  1. classic case of “writers block”

  2. @ Nairobian Perspective: and here I was thinking that maybe this is the sign for me to leave the blogging community!

  3. nah, dont Leave blogging! The Kenyan blogging fraternity needs you!

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