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Baby update

Noooo! I am not having another. Woi.. if I was.. I would be dying right now. I would be dead… cannot even begin to contemplate that. Measures and precautions have been instituted.. and yes I know nothing is 100% effective bar abstinence !

Drum roll…… wait for it…… wait for it… finally finally.. I stopped breastfeeding. Hooray. I managed it for 15 months and I stopped when he was 16months. Would not have succeeded without mum. She kept me in-check every time my resolve would break. Believe you me, watching your child crying for boobies is no easy thing.

As a result.. WE ARE SLEEPING MUCH MUCH BETTER! (so yes there is a link between breastfeeding and sleep in babies)

Yes Seasons you were right! A long time ago you once said to me.. he will sleep. It just took 16 months. We are sleeping much better and most importantly he is doing most of his sleeping in his crib. So hooray for me and Baby Nikh. He ain’t so baby no more.

I promised myself that there would be no more pics of me and mine here so sorry.

I am still very undecided about weather I WANT ANOTHER  and WHEN TO HAVE ANOTHER (assuming all the tubes and pipes will be in working order)… so since I do not know.. I remain in the I-do-not-know state. Meanwhile Baba Nikh is very keen on number two. Let me tell you…Baba Nikh has always been keen on babies.  He was way ready for baby number one before I was. If he could have had his way, our first born would be about 3 years old. I always tell him, our relationship would not have survived it. He says it would have.. what do men know eh??? 🙂

Mum-in-law, Baby Nikh & Mrembo (May ’08)Mum-in-Law, Baby Nikh and Mrembo


Comments on: "Baby update" (3)

  1. Seasons said:

    Y’see I told you so…enjoy the sleep before the ‘terrible two’ comes…He will break everything and your house have to be child-proof. You know what the solution for terrible two is? You guessed it- get another child!

    Enjoy the baby, enjoy the baby. The grow quickly and start bugging you with questions that you must answer

  2. Am so green for you. I hope will get some good sleep one day and him getting to sleep in his crib whole night.
    Loool you hear what Seasons has said am still loool… Enjoy mami

  3. @ Seasons: Don’t even mention things about another baby! weh! wacha story!! The house is already being destroyed. Little guy comes back from day care and in less than 30 mins the house looks like a bombsite. One would be hard pressed to believe ati I had cleaned the house! So the idea of number two just sends shivers down my spine.. and not the nice kind!

    @ Nakeel: let me repeat Season’s words for you ” he will sleep one day and you will forget all about it”…. I used to feel like flipping out when I read that… on a bad morning resulting from a bad night of sleep.. I would be like.. what the f@@K! lol

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