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This has totally awakened me from the deep apathy that had found a resting place in me. I will still stay away from politics(too hot to handle! interestingly I come from a political family, really, both on dad’s side and mum’s side!) but not from the other stuff. The part about “one individual carrying others behind them” has resonated so loudly with me.

Well done to Ms. Okolloh

(and there I was, at the time TED thing was going on.. saying, and I admit with shame; (what the heck talk talk talk.. and nothing ever changes! little did I know)

Added 1st September 2008

I have been stuck at TED.com watching the videos on Africa. It’s worth a watch.

Please Xpuleini!

Ellen and her wife eh. eh .. Portia d'somone

Ellen and her wife eh. eh .. Portia d

Here is what I do not understand. How come Ellen is dressed like a man? So is she supposed to be the man in the relationship.

See that’s the part I don’t get about being gay. SOMETIMES it seems that in gay couples there is always the “feminine one” and the “masculine one”.. which to me sorta beats the whole point of being gay. How come there never seem to be two “masculine” gay men or two “feminine” gay women. As in why isn’t Ellen wearing a wedding dress? Or why was it when I saw the news cast about gay people in LA lining up to get married, among the Lesbians (i don’t like the way that word sounds) there seemed to be a “man”Lesbian and the “woman” lesbian?

Me I don’t get it. And then why is it like every gay person on tv.. especially the male one have to be so over the top! Aieh you should have heard what mum said when I kept pointing out the gay people on TV. She so loves Miss Jay Alexander of TopModel. Told me to write to him and tell him she is his biggest fan!

Miss Jay Alexander - my mum is your number one fan

Miss Jay Alexander - my mum is your number one fan

Mum absolutely shocked me. She is so ok about gayness. She can be so traditional on certain things then when I asked her about being gay she says

Mum: “mimi sina shida nao…. you know your cousin xyz si he is gay.. I have no problem.. only he should live his life openly.. hi mambo of him getting married again halafu his wife finds out after marriage he is gay”(Then there was a statement there about her hating men… nothing to do with being gay… but everything to do with lying cheating bastards”

Mrembo: and I was like “I knew it.. I knew it.. I knew he was gay!!”

if you read this as an anti-gay or gay-bashing post, you are so stupid!

NB: all pictures courtesy of somewhere on the net!


It is now 12.34pm. Got home at 12.05pm. Ate the left over spanish omlett from 2 or was it 3 days ago. Babes was doing the budget last night and the figures just confirmed what I already know. We have been living over our means. His budget thing was so hot. Graphs and colors, barcharts .. you name it. Imagine we or rather I am spending Kr xxxx on stuff we cannot account for. Bad girl Mrembo! So today after school.. instead of getting that moisturiser from Matas (it was in a big nice jar.. do I even remember the name) I went to the discount supermarket to browse! I am such a shopaholic!

Its now 12.37pm. I have not even thought of what’s cooking for supper tonight. Gotta get it together. At 2.00pm I leave for the1.8km walk to pick baby up from daycare. I feel so lazy right now. Just want to rot the day away. Last night baby did not sleep too well so i am wasted. We all woke up late but made it to daycare, school and work on time! Good for us.

I am soo soo addicted to Miami Ink. That show on Discovery channel about tattoos. I can watch up to 3 hours of it non-stop; if it were available. Babes thinks I am crazy to want one. He keeps trying to disuade me from one, but I am going for it. That shop I went to in town.. the tattoo shop, it was so dingy looking on the outside there was no way I was bothering to go inside. So till I make it to Miami my tattoo is on hold. The whole tattoo culture fascinates me. I don’t like the big ones that cover a big expanse of the body, yuck. Neither do I like colored ones double yuck. Did you know that you can recolor a tattoo to get it fresh looking. I so want one. I can see how one gets addicted to the pain. I also think its hot! That guy Ami who runs the Tattoo shop on Miami ink is hot! Imagine me liking that. Strange. And on a man, a tattoo only looks hot if he has the body to go with it… actually the bicep to go with it. Hmm but that depends. Ok… nuff about tattoos.

His tattoos kinda gross me out yet at the same time I think he is hot. Strange huh!

That's Ami. His tattoos kinda gross me out yet at the same time I think he is hot. Strange huh!

Pic: courtesy of http://tlc.discovery.com/

Since mum left the only thing I have watched on TV has been Miami Ink. I told babes we could cancel the cable subscription, he agreed. He was SUPPOSED to write the letter in danish to cancel it.. did he? I am convinced he is having a harder time letting go than I am. I am ok without cable. He has already promised to get me BRothers & Sisters, House, Desparate Houswives and HEROES off the net so I don’t need cable. I hardly watch CNN. Will remind him tonight, then he will say I can well and good write the letter myself. Ugh!

12.47pm. This was supposed to be short. So about job hunting. Gotta keep my promise to the peeps updated. Yeah I am on it. It looks promising at the moment let’s see what happens.

Oh the cellulite on my humongous thighs is finally shifting. Thanks to that killer run I do 3 times week. 2.5kms. It’s a loop run. If I start facing North the run is painful cause it is uphill for a long while. Southwards the loops is obviously downhill. When tired, we go south, feeling fresh and hot, we go North. Nothing else but the cellulite is shifting I am glad. The thighs were getting wee bit too jiggly for my liking. The other day I was doing a naked study of myself and you know what, I actually like my body. So yeah I have a ka-small pot depending on what time of the day it is (after meals, small would not be the appropriate word of choice). I have some cellulite here and there (is it possible to have tummy cellulite). All in all I like my body. I am happy!

12.53pm. Finish already! I have 7 minutes to go. The weather outside looks bloody scary like the heavens will let loose anytime and you know me.. I hate getting wet. I gotta leave at 2.00pm to pick baby and if it starts pouring Babes has to go pick him cause I sure as hell not getting wet.

So I am done for now. That’s about it.

13.05pm: I got distracted while looking for the link to Miami Ink. Now that I think about it, I have not seen a black customer walk into the shop… nah.. that’s not true there was that other cute cute guy who had a tat of his cousin done.. yeah! Then I started reading about the other co-owner Chris. He is like a very revered tattoo artisty. The artistry (is that even a word) involved is very impressive. So I have to decide is Ami my new TV boyfriend or not.

I am outta here. Forgive all typos.. I have got things to do


So it begins

August is here. Shit!. I had promised myself certain things; the biggest of all was getting myself some kind of employment.

My first CV is ready. See I have two CVs. One for Kyeyo/kibarua/smalltime non-professional jobs. Then I have my other CV for “serious jobs”. I won’t lie, I am quaking at the prospect of the hunt. I hate how it goes. It reminds me of my desparation a few years ago while I was trying to find the job that would prove to me and EVERYBODY else that I am a person to be reckoned with. However when I look deeply into my soul I am glad to report to myself that, that person is gone. I  find that I now fully understand in my head and heart that whatever job I do is not the total summation of who I am! (that’s what you’re telling yourself so that you don’t feel bad about getting a blue collar menial job. Face it you still have issues with blue collar work! who you trying to lie too). I do my best not to listen to that voice! Hard work it is.

So yeah, that is what I am doing this month. I am still going to school Tue-Friday 8.00am-11.20am. It is now about balance and how long I am willing to leave my baby in daycare. The prospect of having him in there 4 days a week from 7.30am to 5.00pm is just breaking me… but but but… I gotta do what I gotta do. So keep your fingers crossed for me. Oh and I have to finish doing my professional CV. Now that is big work.

Saturday I gave in and bought 2 novels! I am not supposed to read any English novels. Everything is supposed to be in Danish. But I was needing. I had to have my fix and boy did I get it. I managed to choose two excellently entertaining books. I finished them both by Sunday. If anything it has only made my addiction roar. I want more books. You should see my wish list on Amazon. I have promised myself, when I get my job. Half of my first paycheck will be used to cleanout my wish list on Amazon. there is like 20 books in there. Oh and the bookshop I went to.. they have so many nice books. I am dying!

Tonight I have guests. On the menu is my specialty. Lasanage and salad. Gotta go get everything read. Then go for my run. Then get ready for school, prepare for tonight. Pick baby up from daycare. Whatcha doing today?

Have a good one!