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So it begins

August is here. Shit!. I had promised myself certain things; the biggest of all was getting myself some kind of employment.

My first CV is ready. See I have two CVs. One for Kyeyo/kibarua/smalltime non-professional jobs. Then I have my other CV for “serious jobs”. I won’t lie, I am quaking at the prospect of the hunt. I hate how it goes. It reminds me of my desparation a few years ago while I was trying to find the job that would prove to me and EVERYBODY else that I am a person to be reckoned with. However when I look deeply into my soul I am glad to report to myself that, that person is gone. IĀ  find that I now fully understand in my head and heart that whatever job I do is not the total summation of who I am! (that’s what you’re telling yourself so that you don’t feel bad about getting a blue collar menial job. Face it you still have issues with blue collar work! who you trying to lie too). I do my best not to listen to that voice! Hard work it is.

So yeah, that is what I am doing this month. I am still going to school Tue-Friday 8.00am-11.20am. It is now about balance and how long I am willing to leave my baby in daycare. The prospect of having him in there 4 days a week from 7.30am to 5.00pm is just breaking me… but but but… I gotta do what I gotta do. So keep your fingers crossed for me. Oh and I have to finish doing my professional CV. Now that is big work.

Saturday I gave in and bought 2 novels! I am not supposed to read any English novels. Everything is supposed to be in Danish. But I was needing. I had to have my fix and boy did I get it. I managed to choose two excellently entertaining books. I finished them both by Sunday. If anything it has only made my addiction roar. I want more books. You should see my wish list on Amazon. I have promised myself, when I get my job. Half of my first paycheck will be used to cleanout my wish list on Amazon. there is like 20 books in there. Oh and the bookshop I went to.. they have so many nice books. I am dying!

Tonight I have guests. On the menu is my specialty. Lasanage and salad. Gotta go get everything read. Then go for my run. Then get ready for school, prepare for tonight. Pick baby up from daycare. Whatcha doing today?

Have a good one!


Comments on: "So it begins" (6)

  1. Good luck with the job hunt. Whatever comes first, blue/white grab and use it as a stepping stone.

    Books, I have a post cooking. I finished all I carried with me. Strange thing there are no English books in the bookshops here. Two or three months ago, I registered in our local library and to my pleasant surprise they have english books. I did not realize just how I had hungered for books. I just pick them without even reading the back.

    Thank you! I am waiting for the post on books. I know what you mean about picking books without reading the back. The English section of the library here is not so hot… so…! but I need to check it out properly!

  2. What you do does not define who you are, at least most of the time.As long as it pays and is legal.
    Good luck with your job search and do blog about it.

    Thanks! and I will keep y’all updated!

  3. Eff Dee Eye said:

    Good Luck on the job hunt thing. Writing CVs must be the hardest part personally I think.
    As for jobs I think guys really have it hard – we are so consumed with titles – sadly we are defined by our jobs. That’s what eats us up when we are ‘out’ here.
    Enough about my insecurities – good luck.

    Asante! I agree one hundred percent about CV writing. I absolutely abhor writing them. I agree with all you are saying.

  4. Mrembo, frankly, I think you made the biggest leap when you immersed yourself into a completely foreign culture and language. That says so much about your abilities. I’m sure you’ll do fine. And I agree with Mwari, use whatever job you get as a stepping stone.

    Good luck with your search:)

    For a long time I didn’t really look at it like that! Thanks for the props!

  5. Wish you well in your life, your work and your dreams.

    Thank you!

  6. hey gal. mona here! changed my blog name and url… long story. missed you tho. i cant believe you finished 2 novels in less that 2 days. how do you do it? imaging i can no longer read. in high school id read a novel a day. now i can barely finish a chapter. i have bought so many books and they just lie in the house, im no where near finishing any.

    im sure youll get a job soon if u havent already. i wish i was studying more that working. i hate being employed….

    Hiiiii….. not like we did not notice that you were missing in action! Good to see you “up and about”! Reading is my de-stressing technique. No matter how stressed, tired etc .. I can always pick up a book. My first true love!!

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