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This has totally awakened me from the deep apathy that had found a resting place in me. I will still stay away from politics(too hot to handle! interestingly I come from a political family, really, both on dad’s side and mum’s side!) but not from the other stuff. The part about “one individual carrying others behind them” has resonated so loudly with me.

Well done to Ms. Okolloh

(and there I was, at the time TED thing was going on.. saying, and I admit with shame; (what the heck talk talk talk.. and nothing ever changes! little did I know)

Added 1st September 2008

I have been stuck at TED.com watching the videos on Africa. It’s worth a watch.


Comments on: "Awakened" (1)

  1. Kenyanpundit said:

    Glad I was able to inspire…

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