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Just like you I thought my sleep rant days were over. And they are kinda of. I sorta had it under some kind of  control. Going from 6-7 times a night to waking up 3times a night has been a vast improvement for me. Well now those 3 wakings are or have become intolerable. So about a month ago I broke down and visited our local midwives center. I went to get some advice on how to get my guy to sleep through the night.

Ms Midwife broke it down and told me that it was my fault baby (he is not so baby any more) was waking up at night. She continued to say that I am enabling him in his night feeding habits. I simply have to stop. Yes he will cry.. she said. It is only normal. He is expressing his protest. So I returned home with resolve and the weekend that followed I activated the plan. It kinda worked. The first 3 or so nights were hellish, cause he was pissed majorly and he let me and the neighbours know that! Then it kinda went ok.. cause he was waking up once between 11.00pm and 12.00am for a sip of water. The next waking would be around 5.30am.

That’s when trouble begun. Sorry, but I am SOO not going to be starting my day at 5.30am. Nope nope nope. In  winter 5.30am is as dark at 3.00am. Sleep is so sweet at that time. So what did I do, give the boy some milk and we both go back to sleep until some decent time. That was working for me. Now the past 3 weeks he has gone to waking up 3 times and I am like.. eh f.c.K…. shit! what!

So tonight I am back to sleep training and that is why I am going to bed in 3mins. Cause I am tired, it’s 9.27pm and I need to reserve my strength for the night.

Big Al went to bed at 7.45pm. He was seriously sleep deprived due to sleeping late the whole week.. I feel nothing for him cause it is entirely his fault 🙂


To be or not to be FAT!!


I have been watching some scary stuff on youtube. Will get to that in a bit

Its no news that I am trying struggling to loose 5/6kgs.

I have been jogging and later on running since July 2008 and I have not lost even one kilo 😦 the other day I read in Runners World Magazine that running and weight management are two totally different things… no shit! Boy am I learning that! My running time on my routes has decreased. My speed is up. I now run about 98% of the distance. As in; I do not stop to walk. I run or slow down to a jog. Ok so that is some good news because it means I have reached some personal goals. I am now working on increasing the distances. I have about 4 different running routes all about the same distance. I just have to increase the distance. So yeah, good news on that front.

Bad news is that there is no weight loss. As a result I have now added TAEBO on my non running days. I have loads of Taebo tapes/DVDs that I have been collecting through the years. Apart from novels I tend to buy work out DVDs and work out and recipe books. I have all sorts of work out books in the house.

Anyway the scary stuff I was watching on youtube was about the side effects of gastric bypass. Salalala. Those people suffer. You get to loose all the weight but the payoff is some serious health issues such as vitamin b12 deficiency, vitamin D and C deficiency, anemia, sijui what what.. all due to the fact that you have a decreased stomach hence malabsorption of nutirients.  There was a chick talking about the side effects … scary scary stuff. And NOPE I am not thinking about surgery. I saw her video and then kinda got clicking on other videos and end up at the house of horrors regarding gastric surgery.

On to my weight loss woes. I am dragging myself kicking and screaming into the world of calorie counting. I think that is the only way out. Gone are the days I could eat whatever and rely on my workouts to keep my weight in check. Fact of the matter is that I am eating way much more that I am burning. My ka-strategy of sight-portion-control is not working. So time to switch that up. I need to get to eating like 1500calories a day.

So I am off to planning that.. and will update once I start loosing the weight. Right now I am holding my weight steady between 81kgs and 83kgs… and before  exclaim at those numbers remember I stand at 5feet 10.5inches. My personal ideal weight is 75kgs.  My pre-pregnancy weight was 77kgs and that is what I am aiming for.

So right now I have set a goal to get down to 80kgs by Nov 25th. (why 25th.. I have an appointment at the docs for unrelated matters and I will be using the scale there) By Jan 1st 2009 I want to be at 77kgs. (how I will achieve that … God help me. During Dec I attend the following parties: my birthday, my brother-in-laws, my mother-in-Laws birthday, x-mas dinner and new year dinner and right after that hubby’s b-day)

Wish me luck.

The other day I was doing Taebo and noticed that I carry most of my weight in my stomach.

PS: Taebo abs and tums totally kicks ass! Totally.

It’s done!

After 7 years  of natural hair (two lapses of chemically altered hair) I finally made the decision and cut it all off. Yes, I went ahead and cut off 2.5 years growth of natural hair. About time I did so!

Woke up Wednesday morning and asked myself how could I allow my hair to be pushing me around thus. It’s just freaking hair and if there is one thing I have learned: Hair grows! I went to the only hair stylist I trust in this city and told her to do her thing. She went shorter than I wanted but that is fine.

I like the way I look. I feel very relieved to have it off. I am thinking of colouring it. Do something really wild. (did you know that tattoos are really expensive…… so my tattoo is on hold till my job comes about!) Hair color will have to do for now.

Maybe I will put up photos of before and after. Who knows!


This post has been in my head for sometime. I do not know how to express exactly what I want to say, so I am just going to go for it.

African has some of the most beautiful women and men I have ever seen. An undistored natural beauty that is not marred by temporary paint or chemical fires administred to the hair.

I miss being around that kind of beauty. One of the most striking men I have ever seen was a West African man who lived in Uganda. (I remember him because I had seen him around with his white wife and thier children). What struck me about this man was his color. He was black as midnight and contrasted against his wife’s paleness it was rather jarring. The first few times I never saw him up close. . One day while at the airport I saw him and I almost fell inlove. The man was/is beautiful. Pleasing to the eye. I have never forgotten him.   (just had to get that out of my system). I say this to remind myself that Africans are beauty because the latest images I saw of Ugandans on Danish TV (while in class at school) made me want to scream!

I miss seeing african beauty. The undistorted kinda. I miss seeing people like me on the streets. Beautiful, brown, black, yellow faces.   I miss being around people who look like me in all thier varying shades of me. I miss blending in and being just another body in a sea of bodies.

I miss the vibrant colors of home. Where in Denmark will you see someone going to work in a lime green suit and not look like a clown. Where else can one wear african print and not stand out? I miss wearing my sunday best to church and being among smart people.

Beautiful people…. good night.

Meanwhile, do you all know this kijana. I have am currently watching him on “House” . I googled him and found out his is kenyan!! Imagine that. It was after having seen his name on the credits and I was like… eh. His name is Edi Gathegi. (he is also muzri to look at hehehe…. albeit he is a kababy, born just the other day! 🙂

Edi Gathegi

Edi Gathegi (gettyimages)


And finally,

I have been feeling very religious 🙂 Listening to a lot of Joyce Meyer here and at youtube.com. I listen to her with a pinch of salt. I think she is a good speaker. As to the accuracies of biblical stuff and the whole “God told me, or God spoke to me.. ehe ehe ehe?? Remember the pinch of salt when listening, otherwise I find her very good.

I also found these guys. Now these are people I would give money to. I was saying to Big Al, “I would give money to the people who monitor those getting the money”. PS I currently do not give money to any preacher nor do I intend to.. but I do listen to thier stuff free of charge (those that I can find on the net) and if you are giving money to TBN… shame on you. If you believe in Benny Hinn.. you’re a fool of the biggest kind and deserve to get fleeced 🙂

Affirmation of my faith:

I believe in God. A superior supreme being who created humanity and the world. I believe in the existence of life after death. . I believe that Christianity, Buddhism, SOME new age stuff (don’t know much about Islam) work towards the conquering/control of the basic nature of human beings. That nature is selfish.  Having believed thus, I have chosen to affiliate my self with the Jesus camp but ultimately I believe in God the supreme Being. I believe I should work towards the betterment of my soul and spirit so that when my time comes, my aura will burn so bright, it will burn your eyes.

Personal development part II

I did a thing here on personal development.


I am not showing off or stuff, but I think I can say I am happy! Its all about attitude (and a whole lotta stuff I am not willing to get into right now). Stuff has continued to happen in my life and I have reacted in a much better way leading me to be happy.

A good friend said to me in conversation “Shit happens all the time…. . the key is not to get paralysed by it. When it happens one just needs to remember it ends”. I modify it a little bit by saying “sometimes the shit does not go away, but is here to stay, the key is not to get paralysed by it, but learn to live with it, work it and keep on keeping on” That has been my mantra over the last few weeks.

Disicpline does not come easy especially when it is stuff that is hard. But I am working it and it is paying off. All in all I am in/at a good place.

Finally the gem that has really held me together. Big Al said it to me about 4 months ago when I was moaning about some family crisis. “Why not you” That stopped me right in the midst of my complaining. ati why not me. I could not even answer. I pondered it long and realised, yeah, why not me! So next time the shit hits the fan in your life, instead of feeling like a self pitying idiot… ask your self why it should not happen to you then get that sucker by the ears, give it a good kick and keep on moving.

Good luck

Hair Woes and Weighty Matters

It’s that time of the year again. My hair is in need of a fix. The other day I was sorely sorely tempted to relax it.  Luckily salvation arrived in the form of common sense. Relaxer and me just don’t gel anymore. I recalled the feeling I had the last time I relaxed it and opted to pass . That being the case I am still left with a head of nappy, dry longish hair that is driving me crazy. It is about to dread cause I have braids that are t….h…i….s….. old and need to come off. Ah, If only I had money! (it all comes back to money!)

On to weighty matters. I have put on 6 KILOS since June 2008. June 15ish, give or take 7 days, I stopped breastfeeding and hello new weight! Unfrigging believable.  So I started jogging! I was happy doing my jog.  Then  I saw this and realised that I had just been fooling around. Since then I have been running. It is glorious to run. It’s hell on the body the first few times. I can run 2.8km without stopping to walk. I  run then jog, then run, then jog.. more running than jogging. I am soo hot.!

Anyway so I thought the weight would start dropping, wapi! just lost 1 kilo. Then I read that running and weight management are two separate things. I am a pretty active person so activity was not the issue. So on to the next step. Calorie control. All my life I have avoided this. There is truth in the saying, the older you get, the harder it gets. So now I am watching the calories. Nothing specific.. just watching the amount I eat. No more endless snacking through the day. No second servings at dinner. It’s kinda working.. till the weekend rolls in and its like GAME OVER!!

So 5 more kilos to go and and new hair do coming up before the end of the year! Wish me luck!