A few things about me


And finally,

I have been feeling very religious 🙂 Listening to a lot of Joyce Meyer here and at youtube.com. I listen to her with a pinch of salt. I think she is a good speaker. As to the accuracies of biblical stuff and the whole “God told me, or God spoke to me.. ehe ehe ehe?? Remember the pinch of salt when listening, otherwise I find her very good.

I also found these guys. Now these are people I would give money to. I was saying to Big Al, “I would give money to the people who monitor those getting the money”. PS I currently do not give money to any preacher nor do I intend to.. but I do listen to thier stuff free of charge (those that I can find on the net) and if you are giving money to TBN… shame on you. If you believe in Benny Hinn.. you’re a fool of the biggest kind and deserve to get fleeced 🙂

Affirmation of my faith:

I believe in God. A superior supreme being who created humanity and the world. I believe in the existence of life after death. . I believe that Christianity, Buddhism, SOME new age stuff (don’t know much about Islam) work towards the conquering/control of the basic nature of human beings. That nature is selfish.  Having believed thus, I have chosen to affiliate my self with the Jesus camp but ultimately I believe in God the supreme Being. I believe I should work towards the betterment of my soul and spirit so that when my time comes, my aura will burn so bright, it will burn your eyes.


Comments on: "Amen!" (2)

  1. peeps like Joyce Meyer, Juanita Bynum etc are good motivational speakers but their theology raises far more questions than answers. I like sites like minsitrywatch since they let you know who is accountable and who is not, all these prosperity gospel hawkers refused to open their books and be kept accountable. this should let us know what kind of people we are dealing with.

  2. I don’t believe in or participate in organized religion anymore. It’s hard to get to that point especially when born and raised in Kenya where it is very easy to believe in whichever religion you are raised in- the place is full of ‘enablers’. I wouldn’t call myself an Atheist, more of an Agnostic- the presence or absence of god is something I don’t think we can know as a certainty…regardless of which religion we adhere to. I walked away from religion after realizing that I couldn’t stomach the sanctimonious, overbearing, discriminatory, smug, ridiculous, etc etc behaviour that religious circles are so rich in. The god that most religions espouse is an idiot/meanspirited/unjust/unrealistic/unpleasant being- I’d rather not spend eternity with such an entity. Sorry to blog here, it’s just that I’ve been thinking about this recently.
    That being said I like sacred music since most of its creators give their all towards its creation. I also admire certain leaders who choose to stand up for what is right/humane/compassionate/intelligent in spite of their religion’s beliefs, one of them being Desmond Tutu…I love what he said about not wanting to believe in a god who hates gay people…and the sky did not fall :)…

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