A few things about me

It’s that time of the year again. My hair is in need of a fix. The other day I was sorely sorely tempted to relax it.  Luckily salvation arrived in the form of common sense. Relaxer and me just don’t gel anymore. I recalled the feeling I had the last time I relaxed it and opted to pass . That being the case I am still left with a head of nappy, dry longish hair that is driving me crazy. It is about to dread cause I have braids that are t….h…i….s….. old and need to come off. Ah, If only I had money! (it all comes back to money!)

On to weighty matters. I have put on 6 KILOS since June 2008. June 15ish, give or take 7 days, I stopped breastfeeding and hello new weight! Unfrigging believable.  So I started jogging! I was happy doing my jog.  Then  I saw this and realised that I had just been fooling around. Since then I have been running. It is glorious to run. It’s hell on the body the first few times. I can run 2.8km without stopping to walk. I  run then jog, then run, then jog.. more running than jogging. I am soo hot.!

Anyway so I thought the weight would start dropping, wapi! just lost 1 kilo. Then I read that running and weight management are two separate things. I am a pretty active person so activity was not the issue. So on to the next step. Calorie control. All my life I have avoided this. There is truth in the saying, the older you get, the harder it gets. So now I am watching the calories. Nothing specific.. just watching the amount I eat. No more endless snacking through the day. No second servings at dinner. It’s kinda working.. till the weekend rolls in and its like GAME OVER!!

So 5 more kilos to go and and new hair do coming up before the end of the year! Wish me luck!


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  1. All the best!

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